Advanced Scuba Diver Academic Course and Review Session


  • $74.95

 The First Step is to Finish your Homework. Start Advanced Diver Today.

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  If you sign up for Advanced Scuba Diver you will need to be proficient in performing all basic scuba skills and gear assembly before mastering the dives in the Advanced Class. If you haven't been diving in over one year we highly recommend a refresher in the pool to fully realize Advanced Diving skills. You may rent an entire set of gear head to toe for $85, Come in, Rent some gear and get some pool time in before you head out to the ocean with your instructor.

The required dives for the course are Deep and Navigation. The three elective dives we do are Buoyancy, Limited Vis and Wreck Techniques. Other dives may be substituted based on conditions.

Wanna Start Advanced Diving course Right now ? 

We use Local Professional Instructors that limit water training to Small Groups. Please do all required online homework before scheduling your INStore for your Academic review Training Session. Hollywood Divers will do your Homework Review Session at our & Day per week Dive Shop Located near Universal Studios. Your Water Instructor will do the Required Dives and Council you on each one for improvement. 

 Please see our Student Agreement for All Continuing Education Classes

  Required Items: for Advanced Diver and Many of the Continuing Education Classes.
All Personal Gear. Personal Gear is Mask, Fins, Boots, Gloves, Snorkel, and Optional Hood. We do offer an Advanced student Package for these items. $189 to $450
  Rental is $35 Per Day while in an HD Class. For Advanced you would Need 2 to 3 days of rental.
While in Class get 25% off Rental Equipment and save 10 to 15 % on Purchases of some needed items.    

Consider that you are Not just paying for a certification card. You are earning 

You are paying for an experience, Time spent wisely, with time to absorb the knowledge and live in the moment, underwater.

The goal is to be Advanced SCUBA certified with a proper amount of confidence in your own new behaviors. Try A day. Try Two days, Three days if needed and if you really like it, eventually you will feel that you have mastered the required skills to understand breathing, neutral buoyancy and underwater calm. Private Instructors Charge by the day and the Minimum number of days is two. You need to be physically and mentally able to finish 6 dives during a two day period. 

Other Items needed to Complete this course. Compass $55 and Up  and an Underwater Slate $11.95 are needed to complete the required Navigation Training. Primary Dive light Rent or buy with Backup Dive Light is Required to do the optional Night Dive. 
For Advanced Diving, A diving computer offers the useful information needed to become a better diver. Monitor with greater accuracy, your Depth, Bottom Time, No Decompression Limit, Ascent Rate and Surface Interval with your own dive computer.
All Hollywood Divers Online Courses Include the Digital CARD Processing Fees. Plastic Certification Cards are an Additional $29.95    Card is issued only upon satisfactory completion of all required skills and or water training 

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