Hollywood Divers Captured This Great White Shark Video. Two Male Great Whites Swimming Toward and Away from the Cage. Fall of 2005 - Guadalupe Island.The Sun was Getting Low in the Sky using Two Identical FX-1 Sony Video Cameras Housed into Gates Underwater Products Black Aluminum Housings. These Housings were Spaced about 3.5 Feet Apart with Identical Sized Dome Lens Ports. Imagine these two Large Eyes Peering out of the Cage facing these sharks. This is the Only potential Explanation as to why this shark went to one camera then tried to come through the cage at the Camera we were shooting. The shark was back 30 Minutes later with a few scratches, but none worse for wear. When we Initially released this video in 2005 it Crashed our WebSite. All The major Network News Agencies called it "NEWS" and wanted the rights to air it, We refused. Hollywood Divers have Done Hundreds of Shark Dives Worldwide Since 2005 and have never experienced anything close.

We Support Shark tourism knowing that without the Dive Boats Presence at certain dive sites, Many of These Sharks would have already been Viciously Killed for their Fins. Shark Fins are worth as much as Heroin in Some Countries and as Humans Evolve, we hope to stop the slaughter of Sharks for Shark Fin Soup. This Soup is known to be flavored with Chicken Broth, Has little Nutritional Value and is Reserved for Decadent Occasions without regard for Ocean Eco Systems that are now Collapsing.


Hollywood Divers Along with Cinematographer, Vance Burberry and a few of our Industry Customers / Professional Film Divers Helped Make the Garth Brooks - Blake Shelton  "Dive Bar" Underwater Music Video. All Underwater Segments were Shot on Arri Alexa Mini inside a Nauticam Alexa Mini Watertight Housing. The Band Played While Wearing Full Scuba ! 

Garth Brooks - THE MAKING OF DIVE BAR - CMT COMPLETE EPISODE from vance burberry on Vimeo.


 Hollywood Divers Shot this Video in 2019 While Diving the Wreck of the "Caribsea" - Sunk World War II by German U-boat / U-158 on 10th March 1942. Twenty One crew perished. Rent the Black Magic 4k Underwater Housing Package at Hollywood Divers. Video by Vance Burberry and Hollywood Divers showing Assembly of the Nauticam Housing with Battery Life Extender and External Hard Drive Rent Topside to Diver Underwater Aquacom Communication Device by OTS as Shown by OTS Dealer Hollywood Divers Cabo Pulmo Vacation Video, Underwater and Aerial by Bill Strong of Hollywood Divers

Installing Nauticam Focus and Zoom Gears on the Sony FE 16-35 MM Lens for Nauticam Sony A7 Camera System. We Recommend this lens and housing for Underwater Follow focus. 

Along with Assembly of the Nauticam Underwater Housing for Sony A7 MKII / MKIII Assemble Lens and Install Through the Front of the N 100mm Housing Opening
Hollywood Divers Rents and Sells Nauticam ARRI Alexa Mini. This Video is a Waterproof Housing Setup Tutorial from Nauticam on Vimeo.

Suunto Eon Computer Video, Underwater Screen Brightness with Classic View Screen. Drysuit Diver.

Scuba Skills Demonstrated. This Video is Not a Substitute for Certification. This Video is Merely a Video Representation of Skills you will perform in most Scuba Diving Classes no matter where you may train. Eventually you will be able to perform these skills while diving / Hovering in Mid Water. Sitting on your knees is not desirable when SCUBA Diving in the Ocean.
Music by Sam Patch / St. Sebastian / Shot by Vance Burberry, Hollywood Divers NAUI Instructor and Director of Photography. Talent :Tony Sam, A Hollywood Divers Divemaster and Los Angeles Based Comedian / Writer and The Aqualillies Underwater Production Team. Production Support and Camera Rentals - Hollywood Divers
HD Worked on This PSA with Michael Muller, Sean Rugeri and Joaquin Phoenix. Humans Drown. Fish Suffer then Die a Slow Painful Death. As Demonstrated in the PETA Spot. Our Role was to Hold Joaquin ( His Instructions ) Underwater and Let him Establish a Sensation of Drowning.
Know that many millions of fish die this way. Gasping for Oxygen that is normally Filtered by their Gills from life giving seawater. Fish are left to Slowly Suffocate for Human Consumption. 


In This PADI Video, Pay Attention to Equalization of the Ears as You Descend.