Underwater Camera Rentals

Rent Underwater Dive Housings for Red Komodo, Alexa Mini, Black Magic Pocket Camera 6k, Sony A7MKIII, Sony A7sMkII, Canon 5DMk4, Canon Model R-5 , Nikon D850, Shogun Monitor, 502 Underwater Monitor. See also our Scuba rentals Section for Scuba and Underwater Communications rental. Underwater P.A. System. Hookah Hose Regulators, Scuba, Masks, Wetsuits can all be rented along with your Underwater Camera, Lighting. 323 969  9666 

To Be Approved for camera Rental You must submit This Camera Rental Form    You Must Also Submit Proof of Production Insurance. A credit card is also needed no Rental will be held until approved via Email by Hollywood Divers. 

Camera Rental Products Prices are subject to change for quotes of more than 30 days old. All Camera Rentals Require Prep or knowledge of Housing use. The Rental is not Final until all Conditions are met.

See Links above for information on many of the amazing underwater rental housings that we offer at Hollywood Divers.