Underwater LED Rental Lights

Hollywood Divers

  • $109.00

Rent the 10000 Lumens Kraken Variable Power Dome Video Light 129.00 per Day 

Rent the 8000 Lumens Kraken Variable Power Dome Video Light 119.00 per Day

Rent the 5000 Lumens Kraken Variable Power with Red and Black Light 109.95 Per Day.  

Ask about Rental Packages - Rent Underwater Housings - Watertight Camera and Lights are Available at Hollywood Divers. Rent Wetsuits for Talent and Crew - Rent Scuba Tanks for Certified Talent and Crew. Need a Safety Diver? Need an Underwater Stand-in ? We have a large database of certified scuba professionals from around the globe that may be able to make your production safer and more time efficient. We love networking 

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