Advanced Scuba Diver Course

Hollywood Divers

  • $259.00

The Pool Refresher Course may also be Required for divers who sign up for this 2 day Training course. Divers who sign up will need to be solid in performing all basic scuba skills before mastering the dives in the Advanced Class.

The required dives for the course are Deep and Navigation. The three elective dives we do are Buoyancy, Night and Wreck Techniques. Other dives may be substituted based on conditions.

Pool Refresher is held the Sunday Prior to the Advanced Ocean Training.

If we sign up more students we add more instructors. We keep the water training limited to Small Groups. No Cattle Call Classes at Hollywood Divers. Please Call us to get all the Answers and please do all required homework before coming to the First Meeting or Training Session.


Please see our Student Agreement.
Required Items:
All Personal Gear. Personal Gear is Mask, Fins, Boots, Gloves, Snorkel, and Optional Hood. We do offer an Advanced student Package for these items.
Other Items needed to Complete this course. Compass and an Underwater Slate are needed to complete the required Navigation Training. Primary Dive light with Backup Dive Light is Required to do the optional Night Dive. 
For Advanced Diving, A diving computer offers the useful information needed to become a better diver. Monitor with greater accuracy, your Depth, Bottom Time, No Decompression Limit, Ascent Rate and Surface Interval with your own dive computer.

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