Kraken Makes 2 Thread Diameter Sizes. Make sure you know which Size you Need

Wide Angle iPhone Housing Threaded Lens

Kraken Dive Lights

  • $459.00

Kraken Sports has an ultrawide wet lens for underwater photography. The optical glass lens KRL-02 was crafted with 5 elements in 5 groups and includes a multi-layer coating for anti reflection and improved optical clarity. 

It was designed to work with a variety of cameras and provide quality optics without a hefty price tag. The lens is designed to work with cameras at a 24mm focal length. It does not allow for full zoom through as some of the higher end options. The lens will focus with other similar focal length lenses, up to 28mm.

This lens is designed for compact cameras.

It features 52mm threads which will fit on some housings, but will require a step down ring for many others.

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