SPARE AIR 6.0 Compact Scuba Tank with Regulator now with More Breaths

Spare Air

  • $439.95
  • Save $19.05

BIGGEST SPARE AIR PACKAGE!! The 6.0 Spare Air Package is the same as our regular Spare Air models - just with a bigger cylinder. Designed to get you to the surface in the event of an emergency, yet small enough to not even know you are wearing it!

  •  Provides twice the amount of air over the standard 3.0 cu.ft. Spare Air
  • Refill your Spare Air in seconds off any full SCUBA tank
  • Weighing under 4 lbs. it is the lightest weight system on the market
  •  Priced competitively compared to other similar systems
  • Easy to travel with! 
  • Easy to wear!
  • Easy to hand off to a fellow diver in trouble!


Package Includes:

  • SPARE AIR breathe on demand, balanced single stage regulator
  • 6.0 cu.ft. Black Anodized Aluminum CYLINDER (DOT/TC dual marked cylinder, not CE or Australian marked)
  • 910S REFILL ADAPTER - Fills off SCUBA tank
  • BLACK HOLSTER - Mounts to BC
  • 961 LEASH - Prevents loss
  • Product Specifications:

    Part Number 600PK
    Product Length 13.5" [34 cm]
    Product Diameter 3.25" [8.3 cm]
    Product Weight(full) 3.7 lbs [1.7 kg]
    Cylinder Pressure Ratings 3000 PSI [207 BAR]
    Cylinder Volume 6 cu ft [170 liters]
    Cylinder Material Aluminum - Black Anodized
    Pressure Relief Integrated in regulator
    Regulator Type Balanced Single Stage
    Operational Temperature -22°F [-30°C]
    +158°F [+70°C]
    Duration of Air Supply Approximately 114 breaths at surface

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