Digital NAUI Basic Open Water Scuba Diver Course Materials

Digital NAUI Basic Open Water Scuba Diver Course Materials


  • $89.00

Online Learning Only.  Includes NAUI review exam and classroom completion signature for those who want to finish pool and ocean training in LA or elsewhere. .I.E. Florida Keys, Mexico, Fiji, etc.

Does Not include Plastic Dive Tables, Certification Fees or Paper Text Book / Log Book. Maybe completed on Laptop - Tablet - Phone 

This Digital Classroom is for those who wish to become a certified diver or those who are certified and need a comprehensive academic review. This online study course counts toward the NAUI Basic Scuba Diver Certification which, when water training is mastered, are Valid for Life long as you keep you diving skills up to date and dive frequently, NAUI Open Water Scuba diver never expires.

Hollywood Divers offers this Digital Online Course as Needed. We will Email You the Login Code and Facility Number upon Purchase. You will have your start code within 24 Hours via e-mail. 

You may want to Start Right Away and Finish the Academics before you go on Dive Vacation. We can schedule your Hollywood Divers - NAUI Academic review session as soon as you complete and pass the online course and online exam. 

 Please note, certification is not guaranteed by purchase and requires completion of additional training including in-water sessions with a NAUI Instructor. 

Begin Considering you Are Not simply paying for a certification. Scuba is a journey.

You are paying for an experience Time spent wisely, with time to absorb the knowledge and live in the moment, underwater.

The goal is to be certified with a proper amount of confidence in your own new behaviors. Try learning to live and breathe underwater with Self Contained Breathing Apparatus.

Try A day. Try Two days, three maybe four and if you really like it 5 days. Maybe Try more, but eventually you will feel that you have mastered the required skills to understand breathing, neutral buoyancy and underwater calm

Digital certification card fees are included with every online training code we sell. All Hollywood Divers Online Courses Include the Digital CARD Processing Fees. Plastic Cards are an Additional $29.95    card is issued only upon satisfactory completion of all required skills and or water training 

If You Want to Take the Entire Scuba Certification Course Through the Hollywood Divers network of independent instructors, Use the below link 

Basic SCUBA Certification Diving Certification

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