Wouldn’t it Be Nice ? To Not Scratch your Housing or Have it Roll Over Un Expectedly.

Posted by Hal Wells on

These New Ultralight Control Systems, Underwater Camera Trays with Reinforced Legs are making a giant splash. The Convienence of having a sturdy platform to mount your housing on will save setup time when assembling or changing media, lens’ or batteries. 

Attach Small Weights on the Sleds that Act as Legs so you may Trim the housing for perfect orientation and buoyancy. 

You Can Keep That Expensive Underwater Housing Looking New. 

The sled setup is Part Number, TR-SLDK,  $399.95 at Hollywood Divers. This Universal camera sled kit-consist's of 2x TR-SBLD's, 1x TRI-TRAY, 4x TR-HB's and 1x BT-SHK and stainless hardware from our Local Manufacturer, Ultralight Control Systems. These Guys are well Known in the Camera World for their durability and production of truly useful tools for many Underwater Photographers all Over the World. 
The monitor kit is a TR-MBK and is $74.95.  Consists of 1x TR-MB, 1x AD-1420, 1x custom black T-knob, and stainless hardware. Made in USA. This is one of the Best Products for underwater cameras that we have seen in quite a while.

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