Which Dive Computer Wins for 2021 Black Friday Decisions

Which Dive Computer Wins for 2021 Black Friday Decisions

These Past Two Years have been Challenging for the Dive Training, Travel and Manufacturing Industries. Without being able to travel freely to Dive Destinations, the Diving Manufacturers have had to Haphazardly Predict How Many Units of Gear they can sell. Regionally, Dive Centers that have survived these trying times have also tried to weigh paying the rent, keeping employees on payroll and stocking essential inventory, even though it may sit in the store for much longer than it did pre-pandemic. 

During this Period, luckily, we have seen a few new innovations in the Dive Computer Category. 

We are suggesting the following Computers based on Features, Reliability and Price.

In Order, Lowest Price to Highest, are listed the best sellers for 2021.

Name your Preference and see them in our showroom or on our website. here. 

1. The Aqualung I300C - The C Signifies Communication. This is the computer That can be worn on the Wrist or in a Console with a Submersible Pressure Gauge. 

 Making a good choice for a diving computer

2.  The Aqualung Dive Wrist watch 470TC Computer has many of the same features and the option of receiving your air supply information if you hook up the optional transmitter. Smaller Form Factor and Air Integration. 

Buy Agualung from the Los Angeles Agualung Dealership Hollywood Divers   

#2.5 Sub Category Air Integrated but With Hose See the Aqualung I550 Dive Computer. This is Our Fav in case your Wrist is already filled up with other instruments.

 aqualung i550 los angeles

3. The Canadian Company Shearwater Research has Taken the Diving world by Storm with Some of the Most Enjoyable Dive Computers to ever be Invented. 

Perdix diver computer

A Best Seller with Both Technical and Recreational Divers is The Shearwater Perdix AI. 

If you need a Shearwater Computer call Hollywood Divers


4. The Little Brother in a wristwatch form is the Shearwater Teric. Knowing that we are biased and heavily infatuated with this fine equipment is an understatement. This is a Proven Product and that is very important to our customers at Hollywood Divers.

Hollywood divers is Los Angeles' Best Dive Watch Provider

 Sometimes Computer Manufacturers Pile on the Features and Promises. We as one of the worlds top dealers of scuba diving gear can stock any brand we like.

 We choose not to stock certain items based on reliability and or lack or customer service from the manufacturer. We have been hung out to dry as a dealer of certain styles of computers over our stores history. Being attracted to a product that isn't reliable is understandable because we are all searching for the dive kit that is The Holy Grail. Does that kit exist ? So far the Teric is a solid piece in that puzzle. 

color screen diving watch black friday

Then There is the Garmin Mk2I with transmitter ....... Is it a GPS ? Is it a Runners Watch ? A Smart Watch ? A diving Watch ? To Be Continued - In Stock at Hollywood Divers 

search garmin MK2i diving watch

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