The Top 5 SCUBA Diver Gifts by Hollywood Divers of Los Angeles

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Gift Giving for Scuba Diving Buddy

Divers Like to Get Gift Cards for sure to be able to use for Airfills or Nitrox Fills, Courses or the New computer with Built in Gas Pressure Transmitter. Sometimes Gift Cards aren't Stimulating for the Seasoned Diver. 

Here are the top 5 Products to Give a Diver this Holiday Season

1. The Kraken Smart Phone Waterproof Housing.- All Aluminum Depth Rated to 190 Feet, Up-gradable, Bluetooth Smart Phone Housing. Come by for a DEMO. 

2. The Hollywood Divers NITROX fill Card 10 Fills - These Fills are 22 to 40% O2 and Normally Would Cost 140.00. The Card Saves 40 Dollars over Ten Nitrox Fills. Redeemable for Gas Fills only and subject to Nitrox Certification. 

3. The Hollywood Divers Mesh Gear Backpack - Only 19.95 and Holds a Full Set of Tropical Gear. Folds into a Reversible Pocket. Divers Mesh Travel Gear bag

4. The Shearwater Teric Dive Computer Watch - State of the Art Color Wrist Watch for Diving. Optional Air Integration.  Shearwater Teric Diving Computer

5. The Aqualung I300C Bluetooth Dive Computer - Logbook Bluetooth Capabilities. Inexpensive Aqualung-Scuba-Dealer-Diving ComputerThis Computer can be Used to Broadcast Dives to Logbook on your Smart Phone after the Dive.

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