Rent that Underwater Housing before you Purchase.

Rent that Underwater Housing before you Purchase.

Many Times we have seen customers wait and wait before finally breaking down to buy their Dream Underwater Housing. I have done it myself. For Years I Craved a DSLR that was Functional as a Video Camera in Lowlight Conditions.

The Underwater Environment in California is usually more Challenging to shoot because of suspended particles in the water. 

Diminished Visibility usually means lower light penetration and diffusion. 

I had my eye on the Original Sony A7s Model for that very reason. It's Lowlight Performance was getting Rave Reviews from the likes of famous photo bloggers like Phillip Bloom. Many Underwater Housings were being developed for this model as it was finally the answer for us divers. 

Finally I made my Purchase and was feeling happy about my choice however I did find a few things that i wished I had known before I bought my housing.

Underwater Black Magic Camera

These issues weren't major and overall I would say i did it right but I should have taken out a rental housing to make my decision final. I tend to buy and sell a lot of Camera gear as it is my main addiction. 

For you guys and gals who want to pinpoint the issues that may arise first, see the folks here at Hollywood Divers and try out the system prior to the big purchase. You may just decide after that first dive that your research was correct. 

If you are interested in any of the systems located on the link let us know, we can get it into your hands right away. Hollywood Divers rent underwater camera housings for Black Magic, Canon, Nikon, Sony and Most Smart Phones. 

To Rent Cameras in Los Angeles, see our Friends over at Samy's, Otto Nemenz, Dynamic, or Abel. There are many ways to rent camera bodies and or lens'. 

Just let us know your planned pick and drop off days so we can get you started with rental paperwork.

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