Need a Scuba Related Fictional Tale of Fantasy and Suspense ?

Need a Scuba Related Fictional Tale of Fantasy and Suspense ?

See the Fictional Tale of Eli and Lena. In the Book Blood Sucking Mermaids.
Blood Sucking Mermaids - Small Pond Mystery

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Blood Sucking Mermaids

B. Hal Wells 

Adventure, Books, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Science Fiction & Literature

 Published Nov 3, 2016

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The Book, Blood Sucking Mermaids is a series of Journals written by the various stakeholders in the story who realize that Mermaids are here on Earth. Various Government entities have been hiding them in plain sight for decades. 
 Eli is a young boy who is curious about wildlife along the creek in the woods behind his house. He watches animals prey on one another and also care for one another. 
He fishes in the local watering holes of the Cape Fear area. Until one surreal day when his best friend is pulled into the pond and murdered by a Small Pale Creature who swims like a fish. Eli dedicates his life to finding this creature that killed his friend. 
Eli soon meets a new girl, Lena, with whom he has much in common. Lena shows him affection but keeps him on his toes emotionally. They go their separate ways. Lena tries to cope with her Eccentric Father who is both a Musician with a cult following and a Military Operative.
Eli becomes an expert Diver and is shipped off to Vietnam. He returns a changed person. He, in his search for truth, always holds hope that he can find out why his friend had to die as a boy in that pond.
   The Book has a character driven style, and offers plot twists. Wells delivers a creepy and sinking, conspiracy styled tale that makes us question “What really do we know about our own existence?”

Humans are trying to be good, but have little compassion for Earth.  Will the Mermaids continue to allow us free reign ?  


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