Hire A real Mermaid for Your Holiday Party.

Hollywood Divers Deals for Your Next Diving Holiday - Let's Party ! Dec 17 and 18th

Ideas for Your Diving Holiday or Gift List. The Dive Buddy or The Diver in Your Life Deserves a Thoughtful Choice and Hollywood Divers is Here to Help with These Difficult Decisions.
Custom Halcyon Color Back Plate and Wing BCD's
  What do Divers Always Need ? Spare Parts, Wetsuit Shampoo, Airfill - Nitrox Fill Cards.
Powerful and Reliable Diving Lights are a Favorite Gift. 
Most Popular Dive Lights Click the Pic and see them all.

Diving Lights for Xmas Gift

Get The Ever Reliable Hollywood Divers Electronic Gift Card and send it Anywhere in the World. Buy 25, 50, 100 Dollar Gift Cards for your Dive Family. 

scuba diver gift

We Have One Staff Member Who Really Does Think She is A Mermaid. Every Day We Remind Her that Mermaids are NOT Real. But She disagrees Every Day. This is her story. See What You Think.

Kam is her Name and She is a Mermaid. She Entertains at Special Events and Parties. Kids Love Her. MEET THE MERMAID.

  •  My name is Kamryn but my mermaid name is Luna Shores.

  • Born and raised in Southern Maryland.

  • First introduced to mermaiding at an aquarium show in Outer Banks NC.

  •   Hollywood Divers is a joyous place that keeps me busy and always around water people. I especially Love Kelp Diving.

  • Openwater Diver Certified, Nitrox, Cpr and O2 Admin certified. Basic Freediving Mermaid and Advanced Freediving Mermaid certified.

  • Working Daycare for 3 years prior to moving to LA, prepared me for Entertaining Kids.

  • My favorite spot for Mermaid diving at the moment is the Dive Park at Avalon, A Magical Underwater Environment.

Mermaids for Hire Holiday PartiesPhoto Mike Schlegel

 Gifts for Scuba Divers Don't Have to Be Material Things.
You Could Donate to Their Favorite Ocean Charity in Their Name.You could help them Further Their Diving Education. Maybe Buy them a Day of Diving on their Favorite Local Dive Boat.

How About The Gift of Diver Training ? Divers can Start the Desired Scuba Course Right Away. We teach All Levels of Scuba Diving Academics. Your Favorite Diver Can then Choose When and Where They Would Like to Finish Their Water Training. We Can Finish Training at Catalina Island, Anacapa Island or Refer Students Away to Tropical Destinations.

 Click The Pic for More Info on Giving the Diver in Your Life Further Diving Education. Nitrox Diver Certification only Takes about 5 to 6 Hours of Time to Complete and is Hollywood Divers Best selling continuing Education Course.

Nitrox Class Online Start Today

Come and See us at Our New Location and Have Some Food and Holiday Cheer. December 17th (10 until 5) and 18th (10 until 3 ) Enter our Holiday Raffle and See Our New Showroom at 3575 Cahuenga Blvd West #100 L.A. 90068 - No Purchase Necessary. One Entry Per Person, in Person - Certified Divers Only. Raffle Prizes will be Drawn on Monday December 19th. Upon Entering the Showroom Have Some Food and Look Around. If You Need Scuba Equipment, or Underwater Camera Gear we will be sure to get you satisifed. There will be Deals on IN Stock Wetsuits, Drysuit Undergarments, Scuba Packages and Much More. Happy HollyDaze Ya'll.

Stop in And Meet Garth The Shark - Named for Garth Brooks, A Certified Diver and Shark Lover. 

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