Graveyard of The Atlantic Trip Report

Graveyard of The Atlantic Trip Report

This Dive Trip was at first Cancelled, Moved and Re-Started. Some Last Minute Shuffling Because of Covid and the Hollywood Divers Fiji Trip being pushed again landed our Wreck Dives in July. We usually do this one in June. 


Last Years trip was a Sputtering Weather Snake that Struck Three of our Dive Days. North Carolina Diving is Amazing when the weather is good. The weather is very volatile there and tropical storms or even a fast moving squall can cancel  dive days. 

This Year We had better Weather, Diving and Loads of Sharks that skirted the Thermocline and Visibility Curtain all trip.

July Thunderstorms and a Few Barbeque Sandwiches Later, We traveled back In time to offshore US WW2,  the setting of Destructive Military Forces that Produced what are now Artificial Reefs. These Sunken Ships - Reefs sometimes seem healthier than many of the Natural Coral Reefs that we have explored.  

See Our Trip Video and our Cast of Excellent and Safe Divers who all seem interested in Underwater Video and Photography. All Shapes and Sizes of Gear, Black Magic, Olympus, Go Pro and Sony Cameras, Some were even strapped upon Blacktip DPV’s by Dive Xtras. Can’t wait to see some of our Groups images, This years team of divers enjoyed some of the best sand tiger shark diving I have ever seen. 75 to 100 Sand Tiger Sharks all swimming or hovering above the Shipwrecks, Atlas, Caribsea and Papoose. North Carolina is also Unique as a destination in that no shark is fed or helped into position on these dive sites. The Sand Tigers Gather Naturally over the Wrecks. 

Our Trip Motto - Once Again - Are We Having Fun Yet ?

Yes We Were as the Sand Tiger Sharks Tolerated us in their Home. 

Video Shot on Sony A-7 SII in Nauticam Housing with Old School Glass, Nikonos Underwater Film Camera Lens’.


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