Expansion of Underwater Rental For Film and Television at Hollywood Divers

Expansion of Underwater Rental For Film and Television at Hollywood Divers

Hollywood Divers would like to thank all Local L.A Cast and Crew who have supported us over the years. Not Just as a Scuba Diving Center but as a provider of Underwater Production Rental Equipment such as Full Face masks, Hookah Line Equipment, Weight Harnesses, Wardrobe, Underwater Props and our Favorite, Underwater Camera Housings.

Camera Prep at Hollywood Divers

We Feature Nauticam Brand Housings in our Rental Department. Many of you may have used these top notch Aluminum Underwater Housings, and realize why we chose to feature Nauticam. They are properly depth rated, offer all creative controls on most models and are quite compact, even for some of the larger underwater Camera systems.

These features save time on set and make the housings easy to trim for buoyancy. The Vacuum Seal Check they offer also is easy to use and efficient to signal the system is ready to be submerged. We are hoping you will give your project that extra bit of excitement and keep those underwater shots in the story, we will help you make it safe and offer support every step of the way. 

Underwater Cinematography Course by NAUI and Vance Burberry

We offer Basic Scuba Skills Training all the way to Full Rescue, Divemaster and Instructor SCUBA certification. As a new Director or Producer of content please have a look at our Underwater Cinematography Course. We Specialize in Private Classes and guarantee fun and safety along the way.

Hollywood Divers Camera Rental Prep Area Nicely Remodeled

We have made changes to the store layout while covid 19 was throwing us all into a challenging 2020. The Result is a larger Camera Rental Prep Facility and new models for purchase and in underwater rentals. 

Underwater Camera Rentals in Los Angeles California

We would like to thank all of you who pitched in and gave us advice on our new venture. Thanks to our Staff , Joe Tugas, Kurt Newmeyer, Adam Schare, Nikki Pieper and to our Underwater Cinematography Instructor and Advisor, Vance Burberry. Stay Tuned this Year for more exciting developments and as Covid Procedures Develop, we will continue to limit numbers of folks inside the store to protect all of us as needed.

Los Angeles Underwater Film Production Equipment. Scuba Gear, Waterproof Camera Cases or Housings, Portable and Affordable LED Underwater Lighting Options, Welcome to Hollywood Divers.


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