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DUI Standard Drysuits offer excellent value and quality at an affordable price. Each suit has an innovative design and ZipSeals™.

Cost Effective
Get a high quality, world renowned DUI 
drysuit at a price point you will love.

Wide Range of Materials
Offering three different types of Standard Drysuits in three different materials. These suits are perfect for travel, warm-water diving, and some of the most adverse conditions with our new trilaminate HD material.

Custom and Select Fit*
All Standard Drysuits come in Select Sizing for Men and Women. The Yukon II and Cortez are also available in Signature Sizing using 20 measurements and other variables to get a drysuit that is tailored specifically for you.

Seam Taping
DryFusion heat taped seam sealing is the industry standard for sealing drysuit seams. It is applied in a single layer and is lightweight and flexible. DUI’s taped seams last longer than other drysuit brands and methods.

Plastic Zipper
YKK Plastic Zippers are flexible, light weight and require minimal maintenance.

Freedom Form™
The Yukon II and Cortez have a distinctive new inlay design that provides an unrestricted range of motion to maximize comfort and flexibility, while maintaining a streamlined form in the arms. The diamond crotch panel has proven to minimize wear from walking and dive systems that have crotch straps.

3 Year Warranty
The Standard Drysuit includes a three year warranty against defects in workmanship and material with the DUI reputation to back it up. This warranty exceeds industry standards.

All DUI drysuits are available with our innovative ZipSeals™ technology. ZipSeals allow you to change your seals in minutes so you never miss a dive along with the ability to switch between seal and glove types.
The DUI Cortez is being tested at Hollywood Divers and we are impressed 
New in 2019 DUI now offers a custom fitted Yukon II using our 20 measuring points. The Yukon II is a front-entry drysuit which showcases DUI’s newest innovation – FreedomForm™ Technology. Since the development of the original self-donning telescopic torso in the 1980’s we have continued to push the limits of drysuit design and manufacturing. This distinctive new inlay design provides an unrestricted range of motion to maximize comfort and flexibility, while maintaining streamlined form. This new design paired with the nylon / butyl rubber / polyester trilaminate provides unparalleled flexibility. In addition to attached UltraFlex boots, the newest boot technology where durability meets flexibility, the Yukon II ships standard with a large Cargo pocket complete with 2 interior compartments: 1 large section is a perfect fit for a spare mask and the thinner pocket is ideal for wet-notes along with an external zippered pocket.
Look for our announcement March 2021!

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