Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Disaster - Hollywood Divers Segment

Deepwater Horizon Oil Rig Disaster - Hollywood Divers Segment

In this Nat Geo TV Show, “In Their Own Words” We see the crew of this massive oil rig experience a few rig rocking explosions and the massive fire and carnage that followed. 

 By using actual footage mixed with re-enacted segments such as the Life Raft Segment with Hollywood Divers , Nat Geo conveys the fear and uncertainty that these workers faced.
 Hear the actual crew narration while the images feed your senses with certain adrenaline and concern for these survivors.  

 Hollywood Divers was busy overnight on this one, shooting into the early morning to deliver the lifeboat scenes.

 See us portray the crew who had to jump into a burning ocean 70 feet below the rig and swim around fire to put lifeboats into position.
 Our action mostly occurs between 26:00 and 31:00. Swimming in orange oil rig worker coveralls and steel toed boots wasn’t as easy as we thought it would be. The Deep Water Horizon Crew who persevered through this horrific event had no time to prepare for a swim. It was jump or die.  

 Our re-enactment water work was shot on Black Magic Ursa Mini 12k in Hydroflex by Vance Burberry with Water Safety by Hal Wells.
Featured Water Stunts by Our Very Own NAUI Instructors, Joe Tugas, Barrack Sharpe and Pro Stunter Tamiko Brownlee.    

Check out Deep Water Horizon - In Their Own Words here, best with sound on as to hear the actual survivors words as it unfolds. 

Hollywood Divers keeps a data base of stunters and water saavy crew for any shows that need people, we can reccomend some of the best film professionals in the industry. 

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