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 Early March Conditions can be a little breezy in Roatan Honduras but luckily, we had good weather and made 15 dives during 6 days of diving. Other Divers who wanted more dives were easily able to do so.Coco View Resort was Solid in Service, Flexibility of Dive Schedule, Food, and Quality of Reef Dives.

 Choose to Stay in Over Water Rooms within 1 minute Walking Distance of the Dive Dock or As We Did, Beach Houses that are a Short Bicycle or Golf Cart Ride Away.
 We enjoyed Our Bike Rides to Catch the Boat or to go to and from Meals and it’s always nice to keep moving when you eat as much as we did during our stay. We Chuckled a few times about how much food we enjoyed and that every vacation should involve a bicycle in addition to the dives to keep the metabolic balance. 
Other Included Activities are SUP, Kayaking and The Snorkeling Just off the Beach is Really Worth a Look. In our First 25 Minute Snorkel we saw a Nurse Shark, A Stingray and A Barracuda Cleaning Station. 

Coco View Dive Resort Opened in 1982. They have Refined Operations and it now serves divers who seek both efficiency and value swimmingly.  

Dive Lockers are Provided along with Scuba Gear Rinsing Stations on the Dive Boat Dock. A room Number Tag System Keeps the Dive Guides and Divers in Synch with Who is Going out on the Morning, Afternoon or all Available Dives Each Day.

Dive Boats that Are purpose built, Confirm the Intentions of Coco View to Keep You out of the hot sun and to make your Giant Stride Entry and Ladder Exit Easy and Comfortable. 

Nitrox is Also Available Via Both Din or K-Valved Aluminum 80 CU FT scuba tanks. Providing of course you are a Certified Nitrox Diver. 

3 Meals per Day are served with a variety of Daily Choices and The Staff Who Serve you are Super People and Know how to Keep You Satisfied. All Meals are Served by Staff at the Buffet. Get to Kmow them and Enjoy their friendly personalities.

The Dive Sites are Coral Mounts, Slopes and Dropoffs including one Wreck, “The Prince Albert” It is Nearby With a Shallow Water Trail of Markers Leading you Directly to The Dive Site.

Click the Eel to See the Coco View Video Report

 You may do as many Dives as you like at Coco Views’ Front Yard Reef or on The Shallow Wreck. Or choose to spend more time on the dive boats that do two dives before lunch and two dives after lunch. 

If You want to Night Dive, This is the Place. Night Diving is Easy for the Novice Diver or Those Who want To Explore The Walls. All of this excitement is a simple short swim away. The Night Dives were time well spent. Go in at Dusk or a little later on and see Grouper Using Your Ambient Light to Hunt their Prey, Octopus, Lobster, Eels and Urchins all out and Nocturnally Fascinating. The Wreck can be seen in Full Glory along with Coral Overhangs that pop with Caribbean Color from your Dive Torch.
My Dive Buddy and I both Agreed that this was some of the Best Night Diving we have ever done. 

Be Sure to Let Them Know Hollywood Divers sent ya and book your Reservation with Advanced Notice. Call Pam at 1-800-510-8164 

This “Scuba Camp for Adults is Regularly Sold out”. So plan ahead.

We met Divers From all Over The USA and many Boasted of being Repeat Customers at CocoView Diving Resort. We saw Dive Clubs, Single Divers, Couples and Families having at it all week.

 One Couple told us that had been to Coco View 15 Times and they had many years of dive experience with an impressive dive log book from all over the Globe. Proof again that you will enjoy this dedicated divers paradise.

Please email us with any questions you may have and as always don’t forget your camera. 


Special Contributions by L. Suter see her new special on So Cal’s Thriving Juvenille Great White Shark Population- Sea of Change - now streaming 


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