California Lobster Hunting Fall Season 2021

California Lobster Hunting Fall Season 2021

Here are the 2021 Rules for Lobster Hunting. Remember no lobster is worth your life. Use your common sense and take it easy during the hunt. Do not over exert or deplete your gas supply for a measly bug. 

When you Cook, Cook with Butter. Good luck Divers. Lobster Season 2021

Recreational Lobster Fishing Information


California Lobster Hunting - The California spiny lobster (Panulirus interruptus) takes a particularly special place as a highly sought-after target of both California's recreational and commercial fisheries. Learn more about California spiny lobster biology, regulations, and fishing in the California Spiny Lobster: Fishing and Life History Information Brochure (PDF)(opens in new tab).

  • Recreational lobster season opens at 6:00 a.m. on the Saturday preceding the first Wednesday in October and closes at 12:00 a.m. on the first Wednesday (night) after the 15th of March. **The season no longer starts at midnight for safety reasons** For current regulations, please visit the Current California Ocean Recreational Fishing Regulations for Point Conception to the U.S. - Mexico Border.
  • Recreational Bag Limit: Seven lobsters per person.
  • Minimum Legal Size Limit: Three and one-fourth inches, measured in a straight line on the midline of the back from the rear edge of the eye socket to the rear edge of the body shell (3 ¼ inch carapace). Please see the link opens in new windowlobster measurement diagram (PDF) on how to measure your lobster.
  • Permit Requirements: CDFW Spiny Lobster Report Card and California recreational fishing license, available at CDFW Online License Sales and Service.
  • Skin and SCUBA Diver Gear Requirements: All skin and SCUBA divers must only use their hands.
  • Pier Fishing Gear Requirements: You may use up to two 2 hoop nets while fishing from public pier.
  • Vessel Fishing Gear Requirements: You may possess up to 5 hoop nets while fishing from a vessel, but the total number of hoop nets from a vessel cannot exceed 10, even if there are more than 2 people on the boat
  • Fishing Locations: See the CDFW Ocean Sport Fishing Interactive Web Map.



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