Apple and Oceanic now Enter the Dive World with the new Iphone Underwater Camera and Dive Computer

Apple and Oceanic now Enter the Dive World with the new Iphone Underwater Camera and Dive Computer

Hollywood Divers has been Using IPhones to shoot underwater since model Apple - i Phone 3.

The results from those dives long ago were less than spectacular. It all turned around with iPhone 6 and Watershot housings a few years back. Then Came other housing models, Sealife, Kraken, Lenzo, Nauticam, Aquatech and Dive Volk are some of the models that I and many of our dive team have experimented with over the last Decade.
 Now we are seeing these Smartphone underwater housings expand capabilities not only as fully functional image capture devices, but as dive gauges and now even diving computers. The really cool thing about this technology is that you still can’t surf tik tok or make a phone call underwater ………yet.
 While we are tech, dive nerds ourselves, we hope that we don’t have to listen to others on the phone yapping away underwater. 

Our Best Seller in the Underwater Compact Camera Category has been the Kraken Underwater Smart Housing and recently they hit a major home run with their new Lithium Batteried V2 KRH-07. It is a huge improvement for iPhone Underwater Image Capture Community.

The New Apple Oceanic Iphone housing is bound to cause a stir in the dive computer world. This device will pair up to your Apple Iphone then it will allow the phone “In paid Subscription Mode” to be used as Video Camera, Stills Camera and a Dive Computer. This Computer will function the same as the Apple Dive Watch Ultra. 

This new Innovation is Designed by Oceanic Diving Company has a One Year Waranty and is only Compatible with Apple IPhones. In addition to the purchase price of the device, Subscription Fees are Tiered and as follows, Day Use $4.95 Monthly Use $9.99 or Yearly $79.95 These fees unlock features such as Nitrox Mode, Decompression Information - Full Dive Computer Funtionality.  The Free Software mode does allow quite a lot of features and some of the dive information is recorded however the device will behave more like a redundant backup gauge “without computer NDL or Deco Functions”.  Place an order now with Hollywood Divers, these will be arriving in Late September be the first to own one.


See all The Features of the Oceanic Apple Iphone Camera / Dive Computer Device.

Record Media Files in RAW and Compressed Formats
The Oceanic+ Dive Housing offers professionals the ability to capture media files in both RAW and compressed formats, ensuring optimal evaluation and control of images. This feature caters to the needs of experienced divers who require high-quality, unprocessed files for post-dive analysis and editing. By recording in RAW format, divers can retain all the original data captured by the camera sensor, enabling them to make precise adjustments and enhancements during the post-processing stage. Compressed formats, on the other hand, provide a convenient option for divers who prefer smaller file sizes without compromising overall image quality. With the Oceanic+ Dive Housing, divers have the flexibility to choose between these formats, empowering them to achieve their desired visual outcomes.
White Point Correction for Depth-Adaptive Adjustments
The Oceanic+ Dive Housing incorporates white point correction technology, which automatically adjusts based on the depth of the dive. This innovative feature enhances image accuracy by accounting for the varying color temperature and light conditions experienced underwater. The Oceanic+ Dive Housing offers multiple presets that cater to different diving depths, ensuring accurate color representation throughout the dive. By applying depth-dependent white point correction, divers can achieve optimal image recording to facilitate post-dive correction algorithms. This capability results in improved image quality and color fidelity, enabling divers to capture and preserve the true essence of their underwater experiences.
Enhance Color Accuracy with the Underwater Light Setting
Underwater Light Setting: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing features a convenient settings option that allows you to specify whether you are using underwater lights or relying solely on natural light. This setting is designed to help you optimize color calibration and ensure accurate representation of colors in your underwater photos and videos. By selecting the appropriate setting, you can fine-tune the color balance and enhance the overall quality of your images, whether you’re capturing the vibrant hues of marine life under artificial lighting or the natural beauty illuminated by ambient light. With the ability to distinguish between these lighting conditions, the Oceanic+ Dive Housing empowers you to achieve stunning and true-to-life color results in your underwater photography.
  • Advanced Photo and Video Features, Including Digital Color Correction Filters (Depth Color-correction) for the Best Images Possible: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing has advanced photo and video features, including digital color correction filters that can help you capture high-quality images and videos.
  • Camera Modes: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing allows you to capture underwater photos and videos using various modes such as photo, video, burst, and video screen capture.
  • Pictures are Saved Directly to Your iPhone Photos App: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing saves all your photos and videos directly to your iPhone Photos app, making it easy to access and share them.
  • Share Photos and Profiles Through Social Networks: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing allows you to share your photos and profiles with others through social networks, such as Facebook or Instagram, using the Oceanic+ app.
  • Works with Ultra-wide Lens Features on iPhones: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing is compatible with ultra-wide lens features on newer iPhones, which can help you capture a wider field of view underwater.
  • Photos and Videos Can be Added to Your Oceanic+ Logbook: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing allows you to add your photos and videos to your Oceanic+ logbook post-dive, providing a comprehensive record of your dives.
  • Enhanced Pictures With Dive Data:You can view and share your photos with or without overlaying your dive profile.
  • Standard Accessory Attachment for 1/4” – 20 UNC Thread (Right): The Oceanic+ Dive Housing has an industry-standard accessory attachment that allows you to attach other accessories, such as lights or tripods.


  • Dive Computer Overlay Functions: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing runs the same dive computer app (Oceanic+) developed for the Apple Watch Ultra. The UI on the iPhone allows you to collapse the dive data to the essentials when focusing on taking pictures or video. New updates and functionalities are released on a regular basis, making Oceanic+ the last dive computer you’ll ever need.
  • Enhanced Capabilities with the Oceanic+ App for iPhone: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing seamlessly integrates with the Oceanic+ app, unlocking comprehensive dive computer functionality while allowing you to effortlessly track and share your dive data with others.
  • Dive Log Synchronization: The ability to synchronize your dive logs from iPhone to Apple Watch Ultra.
  • Integrated Depth Pressure and Temperature Sensor: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing has sensors that can measure depth, pressure, and temperature, providing you with important information about your dive.
  • Unique, Oceanic Design: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing has a distinctive design making it an attractive accessory for scuba divers.
  • Durable Material: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing is made of a tough and impact-resistant polycarbonate material that can withstand the rigors of underwater use.
  • Rechargeable Lithium Battery via Included USB-C: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing has a rechargeable lithium battery that can be charged using the included USB-C cable.
  • Electronic Bluetooth® User Interface:The Oceanic+ Dive Housing uses Bluetooth technology to connect with your iPhone and allow you to control its features and settings.
  • User Interface Controlled by Directional Pad Controller: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing has a directional pad controller that allows you to easily navigate through the user interface and access all the features.
  • Maximum Operating Depth 60 Meters (196 Feet): The Oceanic+ Dive Housing is designed to operate at depths of up to 60 meters, allowing you to explore deeper underwater environments.


  • Automatic Vacuum Pump with Seal Check/Integrated Leak Detector: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing has an automatic vacuum pump that creates a tight seal around your iPhone, helping to prevent water from entering the housing. The integrated leak detector alerts you if there is any moisture detected.
  • Ergonomic Overmolded Handle for Excellent Grip: The Oceanic+ Dive Housing has an ergonomic handle that is made of two materials, providing you with a comfortable and secure grip.
  • Includes a Thermoformed Travel Box:The Oceanic+ Dive Housing comes with a travel box that is designed to protect it from scratches and other damage during transport.
  • Compatible with iOS16 and Above:The Oceanic+ Dive Housing is compatible with newer iPhones that have iOS16 or above installed 


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