Could Full Face Masks help in fighting a Global Pandemic

Could Full Face Masks help in fighting a Global Pandemic

Much has been written about the use of full face masks in the fight against the spreading Corona Virus. Normally used for recreational diving and snorkeling Full Face Masks would be used to achieve a better field of view and or protect the face from colder waters while diving. The Full face mask allows for inhalation and exhalation to occur from the mouth or nose. 

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Ocean Reef will announce today that they are the first Recreational Full Face Snorkel Mask Company to sell a P3 Filtration adapter for The Commonly Used Aria Snorkel Mask - See Also Mares and Tusa Masks, Which are Manufactured in Italy by Ocean Reef. 


"In this war against COVID-19, we have witnessed many trying to put their ideas and creativity to best use, creating home made solutions to provide some sort of protection, or to help the authorities with some of the many shortages of key products. it is true inspiration to see everyone coming together as one huge team, against the same common enemy.

Being on the forefront of the battle in Italy, about a month ago we had an idea - now we are on our way to mass production." 

These Masks as Eye, Nose and Mouth Protectors are Light weight, do not fog in most conditions and could be used for many applications. 

In the Recreation Realm we Have Personally Tested the Mares, Tusa and the Original - The Ocean Reef. We can say with Confidence that this one has been the best Performer. 

There have been incidents with these masks when used in water and many may stem from the user having a false sense of security. Those who can't or won't tolerate a traditional mask and snorkel because of being uncomfortable sometimes turn to these devices to "Extend" their water abilities. We recommend you practice with these masks before using them in the ocean. Set up a pool session and adhere to all manufacturers warnings. You may want to wear a personal floatation device or inflatable snorkeling vest to help with buoyancy. We also recommend using a slow comfortable pace when you swim. This would prevent the buildup of excess Carbon dioxide, ( excess CO2 is produced upon exertion by the human body and should not be inhaled ). The Models mentioned in this article performed above our expectations. 

But can they be used for other purposes ? In this time of uncertainty, the medical community is being pushed to the brink of stamina and ingenuity by the Covid-19 virus. Italy, has seen a rapid expansion of the lung related ailment and has to adapt to keep up with the respiratory needs of increasing numbers of those affected. 

OceanReef says yes. The full face mask is a viable protective piece of gear. It seals all the way around the face with a soft silicone edge and comes in four different sizes. They are light enough to wear out into public places and offer good vision. There is very little need for de-fogging Procedures because the exhalation from mouth or nose is captured in the lower face cup and the breath is exhaled through a one way valve while fresh air is pulled in from the top of the mask through the removal snorkel tube.  

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