Big Eyed Jacks in Large Schools off Cabo Pulmo MX

Cabo Pulmo Dive Park - Cabo Pulmo Mexico

Dive 2020 Report : We Returned from Cabo Pulmo Mexico Recently. The last visit since being there in October 2015, one year after a massive storm washed away the road leading to the settlement 60 Miles North of San Jose Del Cabo Airport. 

The Water Temperature in Early to Mid November is 80 to 83 near the surface and did not change much all the way down to our maximum Depth of 63 Feet. My Henderson Polypropylene Dive Skin with Henderson’s 5/3mm Hooded Vest was the least buoyant and most efficient way to travel light and be completely warm and comfortable.

It was windy for one of our days and as air temps dipped into the high 60's we knew a looming fall season wasn't far away. Water Temps will begin to drop soon here in the Sea of Cortez. 

The Best News since 2015 is that we saw little change in the health of the sea life and it seems to be in synch with the surrounding humans who are intent on protecting it. 

Cabo Pulmo is a Reserve. A Marine Park that once was a fishing village. The Street ( No Pavement in Town ) nor the beach had a spot of trash. This pristine area did not reveal, flotsam or debris of any sort. It was Refreshing to go somewhere and experience a reversal at how disgusting we humans are at times. We were not disappointed by seeing zero trash around the town. 

No Fishing Line, Not a Baby Diaper, No Plastic Cola rafts, nor was a blob of balloons plucked from the sea. Just Lovely white Sand and Friendly Folks who were heaven sent to show us good hospitality and knowledge of the life and surrounding area. Three Scuba Divers in Cabo Pulmo

Just offshore, Park Rangers Check Boats and Protect Dive Sites From Being Over Run with Divers from within or from outside the Cabo Pulmo Zone. This will also include defending against fishing. The Park is a protected area and I am sure the fishers are out looking for a way to take fish from this bountiful area. 

The Strict but Necessary rules are Sometimes annoying for Divers who really want to see a certain dive site that has already reached it's population quota.

This Practice is to ensure that divers do not disturb the large schools of silver sides and Big Eyed Jacks that school near Cabo Pulmo. 

 For this years Visit, Cabo Pulmo Beach Resort was Recommended to us by Local Los Angeles Diver Marc Boelter. We used their Services for Diving, Lodging and Even Dined in the Restaurant above their Diving Shop in the Center of Town. They have a pool on site and the facilty is set up to train new divers after Classroom Training is Complete. 

Hollywood Divers sends many divers to exotic destinations such as Cabo Pulmo every year to get their water training done while avoiding the chilly California Water Temps. Cabo Pulmo is a perfectly Suitable Spot for finishing your Scuba Certification. 

C.P. B.R. Has a fleet of Panga Dive Boats ready to ferry you to see the Reef, The Wreck, The Bull Sharks and our favorite, The Bigeye Jacks. 

The Rental Houses in the Area are Well Equipped for Small Groups or Families to Enjoy Scuba, Snorkeling, Stand Up Paddling, Swimming, Hiking or Bird Watching.

The Air is Fresh and Clean, the Roosters are extra Roostery and The Sunrises and Sunsets melt even the hardest city dweller. Hollywood Divers Will Be visiting Cabo Pulmo again

Please Check out the Picture / Video Essay and Decide when you want to go. Go there while you are able.   



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