Men’s Thermaxx Henderson Scuba Diving Wetsuit 7MM

Men’s Thermaxx Henderson Scuba Diving Wetsuit 7MM

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Sizing / Materials

XS-3XL, ML, LL (Additional Sizes: MS, ML, MT, LS, LT, XLS, XLT, 2XLS, 2XLT, 4XL, 5XL, 6XL - Black/Blue only)

Material Thickness
1.5mm, 3mm, 5mm, 7mm



1. Neoprene Core: As in all wetsuits the Neoprene Core is the heart of the product. Henderson utilizes a proprietary neoprene formula developed exclusively for Henderson. This formula combines a low modulus with superior memory in a microcell structure, ensuring every TherMAXX Wetsuit will maintain its thickness and superior warmth and comfort over many years of service.

2.TherMAXX provides 250% stretch, a perfect amount of flexibility to make it comfortable, but not too much stretch, which would allow the suit to balloon, allowing coldwater entry. The exterior laminate is also pill-resistant. Pilling occurs when wetsuits are exposed to hook and loop style fasteners, non-slip swim platforms on dive boats, BCD’s and other dive gear worn along with the wetsuit. No high stretch wetsuit is ”pill proof”, but TherMAXX will resist pilling and abrasion significantly better than other wetsuit laminates.

3.Titanum Laminate layer: Using a very special process, Titanium powder is combined with a special ultra stretch adhesive material to create an external titanium thermal barrier between the nylon fabric laminate and the neoprene core.

4.Fire Fleece Interior Lining: Every TherMAXX wetsuit is internally lined with Henderson’s exclusive Fire Fleece. Fire Fleece is an ultra high stretch, low pile, synthetic fleece which is incredibly soft, and comfortable. Its luxurious feel and plush comfort will add a new dimension to your diving experience. Fire Fleece minimizes water transfer throughout the wetsuit resulting in a warmer and more comfortable dive adventure.