Scubapro Go Fin Color Fin Strap


  • $25.00

Scuba pro Travel Fins are lightweight and easy to kick but with out extra fin straps in your save-a-dive kit, you may be out of luck if your strap breaks

Use these color coded Scubapro Fins Straps for your tool kit.
Replaceable self-adjusting marine grade bungee heel straps for GO travel fins (see SKU: SCPFG), allow for a versatile fit and make these fun travel fins easy to don and doff. Made of quality marine-grade bungee for years of reliable use. Bungee straps are depth compensating as they compress when your neoprene boots get thinner due to increased water pressure. No need to adjust your straps at depth. Upon ascent, they decompress keeping fin straps comfortable throughout the dive. Straps have a large rubber finger loop to aid in donning and doffing. Straps are available in multiple sizes.

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