Scubapro Element 3mm Two Pc Freediving Suit


  • $320.00

The ELEMENT is a new two-piece 3mm wetsuit designed specifically for freediving. Featuring high-waist pants and a hooded beavertail vest, the suit uses no zippers to minimize water seepage, and the beavertail is adjustable. Easy to don and doff and extremely comfortable, the high-stretch neoprene in the torso area is thicker for enhanced thermal protection, while the neoprene in the arms and legs is thinner to provide lots of range of motion. It's an effective combination, delivering both warmth and incredible freedom of movement at depth.


  • Made from a non-allergenic and non-toxic X-Foam neoprene formula that complies with the very strict P.A.H. (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydro-carbons) test requirements.
  • 'Sharkskin' textured neoprene is durable, high-stretch and virtually eliminates hydro-drag.
  • Thicker neoprene in the torso area increases thermal protection, while thinner neoprene in the arms and legs improves mobility.
  • Smooth-skin face seal on the attached hood virtually eliminates water seepage, allowing you to maintain maximum body heat.

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