Scuba Pro Dry Glove for Drysuit Diving


  • $155.00

Donning the gloves:

  1. Insert your hand with the inner glove on through your drysuits latex seal

  2. Grab the ring of the Easy Don dry glove firmly with one hand and insert the

    other hand through the cuff and into the glove.

  3. Insert your hand through the cuff and press the hand forward as much as

    possible so that the seal will be pulled over your wrist. If using a drysuit it

    should be pulled over the latex seal of the suit

    4. Now pull the hand slightly backward so that the seal of the glove is inverted

    and lies over the seal of the suit without wrinkles.


    These gloves are designed for use with drysuits, semi-dry suits and wetsuits. Due tothe unique style self-donning the glove is very easy and fast to don. The elastic latexcuff seal ensures the glove is waterproof. If using a wetsuit or semi-dry suit, the sealof the glove is mounted under the suits wrist seal. When using a drysuit, the seal ofthe glove can be mounted either over or under the suits wrist seal. When you plandiving at deeper depths, the undersuit which must be put under the suits wrist sealso that a part of it remains inside the gloves, this will allow air ow between the glovesand the suit. The gloves are manufactured from high quality vulcanized latex, whichgives them a high elasticity and makes them very resistant to puncturing and tearing.The rough surface allows perfect grip with instruments, valves, regulators etc. Theanatomic shape of the gloves allows prolonged use without causing increased fatigue.

    2. trimming the Dry-glove seals to Fit

    The latex seals have concentric raised ridges functioning as cutting guides toassist you to accurately trim the seals to t. The seals are slightly tapered so theyget larger when trimmed. Using a sharp pair of scissors, trim one ring at a timeuntil the seal is comfortable but still snug on your wrist. Use care and precision withsharp scissors when trimming ridges. Leave a smooth surface as ragged edgescan allow tears to form which will require replacement of the seal. 

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