Rent A Scuba Tank per day

Rent A Scuba Tank per day

Hollywood Divers

  • $16.00

Hollywood Divers Rents Steel Scuba tanks 

sizes steel 72, steel 74, steel 80 LP, steel 80hp, steel 95 LP, Steel 100 HP, Steel 119 HP, Steel 130 HP.  

these are subject to first come first served and the prices vary per day.   

we have plenty of steel 72 ‘s 6.9 inch diameter 2250 psi   

as for the other sizes we have a good supply but sometimes we run out.    

we prefer that you call one day ahead of your dive day if you want a specific size tank 

we make no guarantees that we will have all sizes available on any given day 

we do not charge for pick up day and we don’t charge for drop off day as long as you drop off before 3 pm     We do charge for all days between pick up and drop off day   

Most tanks have Breathing Air - certified divers only by request you may ask for a Nitrox rental - certified Nitrox divers only - this is a special request and no refunds or rain checks are given if you leave the store with a rental tank and do not use its contents.  

cert cards are accepted from all major scuba agencies  

for film production  we do have additional waivers for non breathing rental tanks ie camera department ( Rain or Splash Crews ) 

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