OMS Diving 27 Sidemount BCD Harness


  • $419.00

Sidemount BCD - 27lbs (12.25kg) of buoyancy is a minimalist sidemount style harness that will adjust to anyone simply by adjusting the 2" webbing to match the diver’s torso length. SideStream features a Spine Weight pocket system which holds up to 15 lbs (16.8kg), a “Butt plate” consisting of 2 offset D-rings for cylinder clips and 2 waist D-rings. It also incorporates a redundant air-cell with an oral inflator and dedicated OPV.

  • 27lbs lift redundant bladder
  • Configurable for your style of sidemount diving
  • SideStream - Very Streamline with Little Water Resistance
  • Redundant bladder with 27lb (12.5kg) buoyancy
  • Back weight system with up to 15kg lead
  • Quick release in the upper area with extended cable pull (so the quick release can be easily reached over the shoulder)
  • Integrated Buttplate

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