Nauticam Underwater Housing for Nikon D850

Nauticam Camera Housings

  • $3,800.00

The new Nikon D850 combines a stunning amount of resolution - 45.7 mega pixels - with the blazing fast autofocus also found in Nikon's professional D5 camera.  In the past the highest resolution Nikon bodies traded continuous shooting speed for mega pixel count, but thankfully that is no longer the case.  Upgraded processing allows the D850 to fire at an impressive 7 frames per second, and a large 51 shot Raw buffer provides ample runway for fast action capture.

The D850 also inherits the ISO64 base sensitivity from D810.  High ISO performance in low light usually gets all the attention, but this extremely low ISO level was key to the excellent sunball capture capability of the D810 camera.  The D850 promises more of the same in higher resolution.

The Multi-CAM 20K  focus system has 153 focus points (99 cross-type sensors), and works in conjunction with a 180k pixel RGB metering sensor.  This metering sensor drives the advanced Nikon exposure system, and is also used to provide scene data for 3D focus tracking, improving accuracy.  
A new .75x Magnification optical viewfinder is the largest found on any Nikon SLR camera, providing a clear, bright view for framing and focus. Electronic viewfinders and large LCD screens simply can't match the precision of an optical viewfinder.

The D850 offers 4K video capture from the entire sensor width at up to 30 frames per second.  This is a key development from Nikon for the motion capture world.  Previous offerings have cropped the sensor significantly when capturing 4K, changing the field of view of the attached lens significantly.  4K from the full sensor is extremely convenient, and key for wide angle video.

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