Nauticam Sony A7 MKII Housing with Nikonos Adapter

Nauticam Camera Housings

  • $3,149.00

Use old School Nikonos Lens' with the newest A7 MKII Digital Camera by Sony       Lens Not Included.    Includes the Housing and the Lens Adapter

Allows you to mount some Nikonos lens' to the Nauticam Sony A7 housing.

Accepts the following lenses: Nikonos 15mm Sea & Sea 12mm fisheye and Some nikonos 20mm

Nikonos lenses find a new home with Nauticam
Nikonos lenses were a cornerstone of underwater photography for over 30 years and unfortunately faded away in the beginning digital age. Unlike land lenses placed into waterproof housings, Nikonos lenses are considered 'wet lenses' which are mechanically waterproof and perfected for the unique optical challenges of underwater imaging. Many photographers (myself included) consider these lenses the sharpest underwater optics ever designed. Now you may  use these stellar optics with the new A7 MK2 digital camera. Hats off to Nauticam for demonstrating their dedication to underwater imaging by investing the engineering hours to bring this product to market.  See the test Video Shot 1080 P on The Sony A7S with Nauticam Nikons Adapter and 15mm Nikonos Sealed Wet Lens. 

Testing the Nikonos Old School Glass Lens Manual 15mm Requires Nauticam Nikonos Lens Adapter Plate. Sold Separately at Hollywood Divers.


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