Nauticam GH 5 Camera Housing

Nauticam Camera Housings

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Rent or Buy The Nauticam GH5 Housing at Hollywood Divers 

Nauticam GH5 An exceptional hybrid housing to complement an exceptional hybrid camera, NA-GH5 is designed from the ground up with both video and still photo shooters in mind.  Incredible engineering, enabling fingertip control access, has made Nauticam famous.

The housing is small, but not at the expense of functionality or ergonomics.  Integrated handles provide a sturdy and comfortable base to operate the system from.  An ergonomic shutter release lever, thumb lever for AE-L / AF-L, and well placed control dials provide the same operational feel as any Nauticam DSLR housing.The Panasonic GH5 is a new camera body, positioned above the successful GH4, and improving it in every way.  At the core is a 20 megapixel sensor with completely revamped video functionality.  When shooting motion, GH5 reads the entire 5K sensor, then resamples in camera to create each individual 4K frame.  This results in increased sharpness with no change in lens angle of coverage!  Panasonic didn't stop there, unlocking UHD video capture at up to 29.97 fps with 4:2:2 10-bit chroma sub-sampling.  Simply put, this means the GH5 can capture twice the color information with 64x the precision of a 4:2:0 8-bit system. See the Tiger Shark Diving Video Shot by Hollywood Divers with Panasonic Gh5 in the Nauticam NA-Gh5 Housing          Rent This Housing with Dome Port for 7-14 MM Panasonic Lens for 350 per day at Hollywood divers or Purchase with a Choice of many different Lens Ports. Lens Ports are Not included. You must decide which lens most suits your needs and purchase the proper port Extensions , Dome or Flat and Gears for Zoom and Focus . See also the Wide Wet Lens external. 

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