Nauticam Digital Cinema System for ARRI ALEXA Mini/LF Camera


  • $33,795.95

(incl. ARRI GPB-1, N200 250mm optical glass wide angle port, N200 extension rings 30/40/50 and lens control drive shafts)

The ARRI ALEXA Mini and ALEXA Mini LF cinema cameras bring the legendary image quality and performance of ARRI to a more compact and portable form factor, making them ideal for underwater use. The Mini uses a Super 35mm sensor to capture a maximum resolution of 3.4K shooting in Open Gate. The Mini LF uses the large format sensor to record in ARRIRAW at up to 4.5K. This Digital Cinema System housing is compatible with both cameras.


Depth Rating 80m
Weight 14.3 kg
Dimensions 385x363x290mm
Port System N200


What's In The Box:

  • 16136 ARRI Alexa Mini/LF Housing with ARRI GPB-1
  • 3 Lens Control Assemblies with Stackable Drive Shafts
  • M16 Dual Activation Vacuum Valve
  • N200 250mm Optically Coated Glass Dome
  • 30, 40, and 50mm Locking Extension Rings
  • Top Handle, Left Handle, and Right Handle
  • 3x cforce mini Mounting Bracket
  • 2x cforce plus Mounting Brackets
  • V-Mount Battery Plate
  • Housing Skids
  • Trim Weights
  • 2x Pelican 1620 Travel Cases
  • Tool Kit & O-Ring Kit