NAUI Underwater Cinematography Class with Optional Certification

Hollywood Divers

  • $159.00

Location this Sunday Feb 3 at EG Roberts Pool 745 Am


Underwater Cinematography Workshop Course by Director of Photography, Vance Burberry. 

Optional NAUI Certification. This class is designed to teach recreational underwater shooters professional techniques. 
One Day Classroom Session, You will learn about optics and how they are affected underwater, shooting techniques, cameras, digital formats, housings, filters, media management, and more.

The course consists of one full Saturday classroom (Workshop), and an optional half day, Sunday pool session, with an optional open water day at Catalina Island.

You are required to have NAUI Advanced Open water Certification or equivalent if you wish to participate in the full Certification Dives.

Feb 3 2019 pool For Water Training - If you do not own Underwater Camera Gear you can Rent or Purchase Suitable Underwater Camera Systems at Hollywood
Divers at a discounted rate.  Location is Clevland High School- Reseda CA

NAUI Sanctioned Underwater Cinematography Certification Class taught by cinematographer/NAUI instructor, Vance Burberry. Vance has been a professional cinematographer for 28 years and NAUI Instructor for 15 years. 
He is a member of Cinematographer guild local 600. You can view his current showreel at

Classroom 9:30 AM til 4 PM 
• Optics in the underwater environment
• Shooting techniques including strategic positioning to find the shot and camera moves
• Dome ports, flat ports, and mini dome ports
• Optical, refraction, aberration and radial distortion
• Pros and cons of different lenses
• Understanding relationship between exposure and focus
• Review of filters for color and exposure
• Lighting techniques using natural and artificial light
• Various housings
• Digital camera formats including Super 35mm Pro-Cinema
• Codecs including Apple pro-res 4:2:2 HQ, 4:4:4, H264, Log-C and Raw
• Media types, storage and management of files
• Discuss editing software and color correction
• Gear set-up and safety

Pool Jan 13 2019 and add 159.00
• Camera set-up and breakdown
• Pre-dive checks for housing integrity
• Focus check underwater using focus chart
• Perform smooth accurate camera moves using buoyancy control
• Shoot test shots with dome and flat ports
• Underwater communication with your buddy while filming
Open Water
• Plan dives, including site review, buddy checks, and emergency plan
• Pre-dive equipment check including camera, housing and dive gear
• Practice shooting sea life and your buddy
• Shoot at various depths experimenting with various exposure indexes and loss of color
• Recover simulated flooded camera using lift bag
• Breaking down gear post dive

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