NAUI Skin Diver Online Academics Course

Hollywood Divers

  • $59.00

This fee is for the online academic training only

You are Not paying for a certification. Water Training is done by referring you to your vacation location instructor.  There is additional water training and we refer you to trusted local or tropical instructors they usually charge per day of training. 

Skin Diver Courses are on hold until further notice - regulations regarding Covid 19 may make classes at this time unsafe. 

The Hollywood Divers NAUI Skin Diver Course is offered on a private / semi private basis as needed. This class is not about competing in Freediving or Pushing Depth Limits. It is however challenging and suited for those who want to get to know the Ocean and Basic Breath hold . Before Pool Training Commences you must complete the online training. , attend a fitting session to Choose Rental or Purchase of Masks, Wetsuit, Weight Belt, Long Blade Fins snd Socks. ( Rental of Skin Gear is not included ) ( Purchase is Suggested and Hollywood Divers is competitive on prices of wetsuits / masks / fins - support your local. 

  • travel expenses ,online course homework and boat fees are not included.   Call us for more info 323 969 9666 
  • Water training fees per day are payable to the instructor directly .   
    • Rentals Payable to Hollywood Divers

 Course Requirements.
15 Years old For Jr Skin Diver or 18 Years Old for Skin Diver
Must Be able to Swim 200 Yards Without Stopping. 
Complete All Sessions with Comfort
In this online course you will learn
 1. Proper free diving safety and Rescue Techniques. 
 2. Proper Diver Behavior and Buddy Procedures.
 3. Safety Equipment. 
 4. Free Diving Gear Selection. Student must Either Rent or Purchase Long Blade Fins, Low Volume Mask, Rigid J Snorkel and 3 to 5 MM Wetsuit is Preferred. See Related Items Below.
 5. Proper Weighting / Buoyancy Tuning. 
 6. Performance Enhancing Exercises and Mental Prep for Breath Hold Diving.
 7. Basic Diving Physics and Physiology in the Online Classroom to be applied in all water sessions.
Physicians Approval may be required for acceptance. This is at the Instructor's Discretion. Some Red flags would include, Smoking and or High Blood Pressure or other known ailments. 
Hollywood Divers Recommends good physical fitness, and a full medical physical exam for participating in the sport of Freediving.
In Addition to tuition fees, there will be potential travel fees and or boat fees and rental or purchase of required and approved free diving equipment. 
See this link for ideas on freediving / skin diving gear

Once you have completed your NAUI Skin Diver training and two open water dives, you will have the skills you need to be a comfortable and safe Skin Diver. You may then take the next step, Becoming a NAUI Certified Scuba Diver.

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