Naui Scuba Diver Book Certification Kit with Online Learning

Hollywood Divers

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Become a Certified Diver. Learn To Dive right away by ordering these NAUI Books and required materials. Includes the Electronic Learning Code. Take Your Entire Academic Scuba Lesson online with this Kit. Use the Text as a reference book to help you along. Use the Provided Dive Tables and Logbook to Understand Dive Planning.

The Quizzes and the Final Exam can be done with 7 to 10 Hours of Study. Log on and off to do the class over an extended Period or finish all in one day.

The Online Code is one of the Most Important features of this kit. It allows you to Complete all the Required Academic Homework before coming to our Beginner Scuba Classroom. 

For those Who are already Certified but haven't been diving in years, challenge yourself to get the latest technical and scientific knowledge about recreational Scuba. Use this Kit for Your Refresher Scuba Class.

Includes E code and all academic materials with pre paid NAUI CERT Fees

( Certification is Contingent on Full Pass of all Academics and In Water Skills ) Additional Fees will apply to complete in water training .

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