Mares 2 Piece Freediving Suit

Mares 2 Piece Freediving Suit


  • $300.00

Mares Instinct Camo neoprene two-piece wetsuit. Mares water-specific pattern allows you to blend into the environment while the soft internal open-cell neoprene is made to resist compression and improve heat retention. Mares tests and develops neoprene garments for different body types with emphasis on reducing friction and preventing water leakage. The easy-off neoprene system used in the bottom section of the pre-formed jackets is more flexible and double-lined to increase durability. Jacket and pants sold separately.


  • Thickness: 5.5mm 
  • Includes hood
  • Reinforced chest pad in melcotape
  • Rugged, double-lined waist closure with quick-connect grommets 
  • Polyurethane knee covers for flexible protection
  • Two year limited warranty


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