Learn Davinci Resolve For Underwater Videos Los Angeles

Hollywood Divers

  • $159.99

Davinci Color Correction Training class 159.00 / March 30 2019 

Intro to the DaVinci Resolve Interface
Media tab and importing footage
Importing footage using scene detectionExploring color tab and effects
Effects controls
Using the cinema viewer
Using external monitor for grading
The settings of DaVinci Resolve
The User settings in DaVinci Resolve
Settings of current project
Basic Editing

Color Concepts

• Color grading and Color correction • Highlights, mid-tones and shadows • Understanding Contrast
• Understanding Hue

• Understanding Luma
• Understanding Power Windows and their uses • The basics of keying
• Reading the scopes

Working with nodes

Introduction to nodes
What is an outside node
Parallel and layer nodes
The splitter combiner node

Controlling Color

• Primaries VS Log Color wheels • Hue VS Tint Controls
• Custom Curves

• Luma Vs Sat
• Sat VS Sat
• Using qualifiers
• Tracking Power Windows using selective tracking • The Point Tracker
• Key framing and controlling effect over time
• White and Black point picker
• The Key tab

Controlling the image

• Image Stabilization
• Controlling size of image and repositioning. • Output Blanking
• Deliver page
• Render Codecs


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