Kraken Sports KRH03 Universal Smart Phone Housing Pro (With Depth\Temp Sensor)

Kraken Sports

  • $439.00

Discontinued Iphone underwater housing with vacuum seal check

We have an exciting announcement to make! For all Google Pixel users (Pixel 2 and up), Google has built an app that will let you use your native Pixel camera app with our housing! This is some pretty exciting because you can get access to special Pixel features that you wouldn’t using one of our apps. We cannot thank Google enough for this project! Please see this link to download the Dive Case Connector app!

software notice *PLEASE NOTE, THESE housings NO LONGER SUPPORT DIVEPlus software
The only apps that are currently supported are our Kraken Sports app (Android\IOS), Open Camera (Android), Deep Photo (IOS) and Pixel Dive Case Connector (Android)

Great news everybody, you can now find our new Smart Housing app on both Apple App Store, and Google Play Store Basic photo\video features currently but we are rapidly developing many more new and exciting features! Just search Kraken Sports in the store.

 This housing fits iPhone 6 7 8 10 11  

for Larger and Smart Phones Purchased after 2021 

For Larger Phones we recommend the Kraken KRH06 no depth and temp reporting or KRH05 with depth and temp display 

 We also have another great feature built in, a vacuum port system! No longer worry about if your seal is safe. Simply give a couple pulls on the vacuum pump (included) and the housing will let you know that it has a vacuum and is safe to dive. We have a wide-angle, and macro lens available too. The picture on the right is shown with the optional macro filter. Free app for both Android and IOS available to download. Housing is made from anodized aluminum.

Lenses that will work with our housing when you’ve purchased the optional lens adapter are

Wide Angle: KRL-07, KRL-02, and KRL-01

Macro: KRL-03, KRL-08s, and KRL-05S

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