Kraken Diving Strobe for Underwater Photography

Hollywood Divers

  • $599.95

The Underwater Strobe By Kraken features variable intensity in red or white strobe modes. 
fiber optic triggered with rapid fire mode. Uses the rechargeable Kraken Hydra 5000 battery   
Diver may select guide number for the flash. Use video light adjusting from 10%-100%, and red Light 10%-100%. Use fiber optic cable and remote cable from Kraken.   

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 the KR-S02 strobe!
Guide # 24
1.5 sec or less recycle @ full power
700+ cycles on full power per charge
Built in white\red focus lights
Remote control ready
Threaded bezel for optional accessories\diffusers
YS + ball mounts included
Uses same battery pack as Hydra 5000! underwater video light