Hollywood Divers House Personal Snorkel Dive Package

Hollywood Divers

  • $288.50
  • Save $56.50

This Snorkeling and Diving Gear Package includes, The Fantasia Mask Black, Splash Snorkel Black, Tilos Booties Black, Tilos Gloves Black, Tilos Saber Open Heel Fins Black and the Tilos Hood in Black.

Tilos Saber fin blades are pre-arched incorporating "super channel" technology which scoops water throughout the kick, producing maximum thrust. Universal Fin Clip fits onto a wide variety of fin buckles. Quick Release Buckles allow the fin straps to be adjusted and taken off easily. These fins are extraordinarily lighter than standard fins on the market. Drag Reducing Fin Vent is designed to maximize thrust and minimize fatigue while kicking. Water Drain Hole prevents water from being retained inside the foot pocket.


  • Open heel design for professional diving
  • Drag reducing vents as well as TPR open heel pocket design
  • Lightweight flexible durable blade
  • Quick-release buckle/adjustable TPR strap
  • Soft TPR foot pocket reduces strain on user's feet

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