Halcyon Diving LED Light Focus 2

Halcyon Dive Gear

  • $1,597.00

Halcyon Focus System

After 3 years of development, Halcyon is setting the standard for primary dive lights again.

The Halcyon Focus offers an adjustable beam to switch between intense focus or a wide beam for underwater video purposes.

LED is inherently difficult to focus. Instead of pushing a lot power to the LED diode which is inefficient and generates a lot of heat, Halcyon invested time and resources in developing a LUX engine generating a high intensity, focused beam while consuming 1/2 the power of 21W HID lights.

With more of the light focused into a tighter location, Halcyon LED primary lights easily outperform 21W HID lights.

The Focus has a fully adjustable handle which can be set for left or right handed operation. The power switch can be set to off, medium, or high power.

A typical burn time on the 5.2 Ah pack is 5.5 hours.
LUX at 1 meter is 39,000, and 1,550 at 5 meters with the focus at max power.

Choose standard or EO cord. The EO cord allows switching between lighthead and battery above or below water. You can mix and match heating units, lightheads, batteries in this manner. 

Choose straight or right-angle cord. This option describes how the cord exits the battery: typically the right angle option is preferred for sidemount configurations, whereas the straight cord is the standard for belt-mounted carry for single or doubles in the backmount configuration.


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