Full Face Snorkel Mask by Tusa


  • $89.95

This mask is not a Medical Supply Mask but a divers mask.

Many people who have used them in the water are now adapting them to wear on public transit or for a simple visit to the market in nations around the world. In Italy there are medical professionals who have made plumbing to adapt breathing devices to them. 

Hollywood Divers has these full face masks in stock but limited supply.  

The mask can be washed throughly with soap and water and even immersed in a soapy water solution for as long as you like.    Do not clean with alcohol or other harsh chemicals.   

At this time, all sales are final on this product and it is to be used for snorkeling only. Hollywood Divers nor the manufacturer are stating that this mask is to be used for anything but snorkeling. If you decide to use this mask as a face protector or for any other purpose, you assume all risks associated with your decision.   

No Returns on this product at this time. Use with care. Follow Instruction manual.  

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