Flash Trigger for Nauticam Sony A7 Housing

Flash Trigger for Nauticam Sony A7 Housing


  • $275.00

Nauticam Flash Trigger for Sony


This Nauticam optical flash trigger is a novel innovation that enables dSLR and mirrorless cameras to bypass the onboard flash in order and bulky sync cords to utilize the speed and reliability of fiber optic cables to control underwater strobes. Because the strobe is not relying on the pop-up flash, you can maximize the capability of the strobe and fully utilze the quick recycle rate possible on underwater strobes. It also allows for less heat build-up and longer camera battery life. TTL cannot currently be used with the flash trigger.

The Nauticam Flash Trigger uses two CR3032 batteries which power two LED trigger lights. They have a battery life of about 5000 flashes. In addition the unit locks in place on the hot-shoe and includes a LED notification so you know it is on and functioning.

**All new Nauticam housings include a prism in the fiber optic are to transmit more light which works best with the Nauticam Flash Trigger. Older housings (pre 2013 models, such as the original D800, D7100 and 5DMKIII housings may have the original mirror. If your housing has a mirror, it is recommended to purchase the prism for better light transmission when using the flash trigger.

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