Online Underwater Photography Course

Hollywood Divers

  • $499.00

Start your Underwater Photography Course Today with our online Digital Imaging class and review. 

Capture an Image with your underwater camera and you tell your story. We teach with a friendly, No Pressure Style and want you to focus on good technique and subject matter. Private or semi private only is the Most fun way to enjoy Underwater Photography

Whether youre a casual holiday snapper or a consummate photo pro, the Underwater Photographer course teaches you the basics as they apply to taking photos underwater, with a special emphasis on practical techniques.

  • Number of Dives: Two
  • Prerequisites: Open Water Scuba Diver or Junior Open Water Scuba Diver certification (or qualifying certification from another organization) and be 12 years old.
  • Materials: Includes the NAUI - Online Digital Imaging Course and Review
  • Does Not include the Cost of Scuba Gear Rental, Travel Expenses or Underwater Camera Rental    Rentals will be charged at the time of pickup and while in the class you receive a 25% discount on rentals used for the water training day. 

  • Not paying for a certification

    You are paying for an experience Time spent wisely, with time to absorb the knowledge and live in the moment, underwater.

    The goal is to be certified with a proper amount of confidence in your own new behaviors. Try learning to live and breathe underwater  while taking amazing photographs with Self Contained Breathing Apparatus.

    A private course is the best way to learn.

  • Hollywood Divers includes a Digital Certification Card with all E Learning Courses. Say goodbye to the plastic certification card. Less plastic is the way of the future

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