Demo Model Santi BZ400 Drysuit Heated Undergaments on Sale


  • $595.00
  • Save $435

Most of these heated Santi BZ 400 Heated Undergarments are lightly used and appear almost as new. Used once or twice only. Except for the Medium is well used.

We are passing the savings on to you divers. Please act fast as we have a limited quantity in stock, once they are gone they are gone ! 

Does not include the hardware, battery, charger or interface. 

Normal Price for these Santi Heated Drysuit Undergarments are $ 1030.00

Used Prices listed here will vary depending on condition of the suit.   Use the drop down size menu to see varied pricing 

One ( medium ) is older and well used.

All purchases are final and only include the fabric garment. Does not include the hard wear, battery, charger or interface.

Takes sweat away from your body. It keeps you warm and comfortable while heating even when the batteries are low or completely drained.


  • Safety switch preventing from overheating and too strong current,
  • Maximum heating temperature 45°C - 113F
  • Maximum heating power: 110W.
  • Run time: 24Ah battery / about 2h 30min – 3h of heating.
  • Made of BZ400 (420g/m2) Thinsulate™ Insulation.
  • Modern generation of heating wire covered with ultra-soft, silicone isolation resistant to breaking.
  • Innovative, synthetic power cable resistant to high temperatures and cuts,
  • Ergonomic nesting and wire layout inside.
  • Integrated heated gloves connection cable.
  • CE certified.


Works only with SANTI thermovalve and SANTI connector.

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