BlackTip Scuba Diving Scooter 3 Models to Choose From

Dive Xtras

  • $2,099.00

BlackTip scooters now include, the Travel, an amazing compact and lightweight Blacktip Travel scooter, the neutral and trim Blacktip Tech scooter, and the Blacktip Exploration scooter for those who push the limits. The Blacktop DPV / Tech Model / is our best selling scooter of all time.

The original BlackTip (now the BlackTip Travel) was designed to be a low-cost, recreational and travel scooter. To that end, it had to be as lightweight as possible and work with any and all battery packs. Trim was not possible within these design constraints. Now with many users preferring the larger packs and less concerned about ultimate portability, we can offer the fully trim BlackTip Tech for divers who are okay with a bigger scooter and limiting themselves to 9 and 12Ah packs only.

FEATURES see set up video 


Activating the BlackTip outside of water will trigger a new feature known as ‘safe start’. The BlackTip  propeller will start in a low-power, slow-turning mode if it detects it is not in water. This helps to prevent unintended damage to your scooter or equipment while not actively diving. When the propeller detects water resistance, it will automatically switch to normal operating mode.


The BlackTip is powered by a pair of commonly-found power tool batteries installed directly into the body. This makes the scooter easy to charge and even easier to extend the length of your dive by swapping out batteries on the fly. The BlackTip accepts 20v (USA only) or 18v DCB-format power tool batteries. These can be purchased at retailers worldwide or online via Baller Hardware in Silverlake CA or other Powertool seller.

These batteries are generally travel friendly, as the larger capacity batteries have a shipping/travel clip that separates the battery unit into smaller cells to keep them under TSA/IATA limits


The BlackTip accepts any DCB-type power tool batteries. In the USA, these are commonly called 20v Max, whereas in Europe they are known as 18v XR. Supported amp hours are 5Ah, 6Ah, 9Ah, and 12Ah battery capacities. Note that both batteries should be the same age and capacity. For optimal performance, do not mix battery capacities or ages in your BlackTip. Name brand batteries are not required. You will also need to purchase a compatible charger for your batteries. Get these items at any hardware store that sells power tools.


Always fully charge both batteries before installing them in your BlackTip. This will help prevent your BlackTip from receiving different voltage readings from each battery, and will keep your BlackTip running smoothly. Try to charge your batteries close to your dive time, and never store your batteries inside your scooter, the small power draw of the scooter will eventually drain the batteries and potentially damage them.


To install your batteries into the BlackTip, first loosen the strap securing the cylinder and remove the nose cone off the front of the scooter. Then insert your batteries one at a time into the two battery clips located along the length of the scooter interior. Replace the nose cone by pressing firmly on all sides until it locks into place, then finish the installation by securing the strap over the top of the scooter. Try to install your batteries close to your dive time, and never store your batteries inside your scooter, the small power draw of the scooter will eventually drain the batteries and potentially damage them.

SPEED MODES. BlackTip comes loaded with 8 speed modes. Double-click to speed up, single click to slow down. Every time you change gear, the LED display will indicate the current gear.

At the higher speeds such as gear 7 and 8, the current draw is quite high and running at these speeds continuously would overheat the motor or electronics. To prevent this happening, the scooter will start to throttle back its output after a period of time. In speed 8, this time is typically 7 minutes In speed 7 however, it is much longer. Releasing the trigger for an extended amount of time will allow the scooter to cool itself, and the boost mode time limitation will extend for another 7 min. If you only use speed 8 for less than 7 minutes, you may never even notice it’s there! Staying on the trigger in speed 8 continuously will cause the scooter to eventually slow down to somewhere between speed 6 or 7. But for most users, this cap will probably be undetectable, as 7 minutes at speed 8 is quite a lot of scootering!


If you release the trigger for a brief moment, your BlackTip will restart in the same speed as you stopped. If you wait a longer period, the speed at which your scooter restarts will change, migrating slowly back to the start speed. For every five seconds your scooter has been stopped, the BlackTip will automatically shift one gear closer to its default speed of 3. This works both ways, whether the BlackTip is traveling faster or slower than speed 3. If the BlackTip has been stopped for less than five seconds, it will restart at the same speed as before.

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