Basic SCUBA Certification Diving Certification

Hollywood Divers

  • $589.00

NAUI Basic Scuba Class Includes All Instruction, Digital Course with Student Folder and Log Book and Rental Equipment for the Consecutive 12 Day Rental Period. 

  • 2 Consecutive Weekends of Training in a Group Setting
  • Saturday Classroom 10 AM
  • Sunday Pool 7AM
  • Sat / Sun on Catalina Island 8 AM Start Time
  • Student Materials ( Log Book , Dive Table Student Record Folder ) with Online Digital Course Training Code. No Paper Textbook is Needed or Provided. Welcome to the Digital Learning Age of SCUBA
  • Rental SCUBA Equipment and Rental Personal Gear, ( Mask, Fins, Booties, Snorkel,  etc
  • Pool Fees
  • Certification Card Fees

Additional Considerations - Not Included - Please Book your own Travel Accordingly

  • Purchase of Personal Gear ( Mask / Fins / Snorkel / Boots / Gloves / Hood ) If you would rather buy your own Mask Fins Snorkel Boots Gloves and Hood from Hollywood Divers receive a $50 dollar credit toward purchase or Gift Card to Use toward any future purchase. Limit one per student.
  • Catalina Express Ticket see $75.00
  • Hotel of Your Choice ( In Case you want to Stay on Catalina ) Varied Pricing. Hotel is not required but recommended.

This is a Detailed Description of how you will become a certified SCUBA DIVER with full privileges of Renting and or Owning your Scuba Equipment as well as being able to dive safely anywhere locally or on Vacation in Open Water conditions to a depth of 60 feet Deep or Shallower.    Read On. 

Important - HOLLYWOODIVERS.COM, INC Student pre-requisites.

Please adhere to these simple rules. •

Have a good attitude! • Scuba Isn't for everyone we need you to be sure by swimming and or snorkeling, being fit enough with physically and mentally.

Tell us why you want to scuba dive. Are you planning a trip? • This Information can help us meet your needs more effectively.

No Alcohol. Hangover sickness/sea sickness are the #1 reasons why students don’t pass! • Celebrate after the training is all done. 

Have all Academic Homework done in Plenty of time to formulate questions • Before the Day your Class begins.

You must have average to good swimming ability and watermanship skills. Hollywood Divers will conduct a swim test on Saturday afternoon immediately following your Classroom session. This Swim Test Precedes your actual SCUBA Training Session on Sunday Morning . Bring Swimsuit and Towel to the Classroom Session so that you may immediately Depart for the Pool .

 If you are out of shape, uncomfortable in the water, or suffer from claustrophobia, you may need additional water training. Additional water training may be required and is only for your safety, and is available as private or group. Group training is cheaper, but private training may be more desirable if you need personal attention. Private water sessions are more expensive but may be just the kind of training you need.

No One is Guaranteed a passing grade and all skills must be performed in a manner that shows slow, deliberate and comfortable pacing and understanding of how a diver should behave.

Hollywood Divers NAUI Basic Open Water Course 323-969-9666

The NAUI SCUBA DIVER course is the worlds best Beginner Scuba Course, and has introduced millions of people to the adventurous diving lifestyle. Start your scuba certification online by calling us for the included Electronic Learning Code.

The NAUI Academic Exam / Cetification is Accepted at any Professional Dive Shop in the World.

Hollywood Divers teach many differing agencies such as PADI, TDI and SDI. They all have similar programs. We Believe that NAUI at this time is the best beginner program and Bang for the Buck.

Our Beginner Course includes the Online course along with the Logbook and the Dive Planning Tables.

If you wish to finish becoming a certified diver here with us in L.A. then READ ON and follow the instructions.

You must complete the online Academic training at home before coming to Hollywood Divers to be fitted for the Rental Gear.

Call us to buy the Elearning code. 323 969 9666 We will email you the code and you can start today. You May Decide on Water Training Later.

Choose a regularly scheduled pool date. We offer them once per month, year-round. On Saturday / Sunday

The following weekend you dive in the ocean for certification. We go to Catalina and dive the clear water at Casino Point.

Travel/Boat Expenses are additional.

The Open Water or NAUI SCUBA DIVER Certification will allow you to buy or rent your own Scuba Equipment and Compressed breathing air anywhere in the World.It Does not Expire once Certified.

Read ON for Outline of what is Expected of you to become a certified Diver with Hollywood Divers.

Basic Open Water Scuba Diving Certification

2 weekends (4 days) - This Class uses NAUI Education System and E-learning. You must complete the online training at home before coming to the half-day classroom session (The First Session) usually the second or third Saturday in each month. This course is thorough and fun and you can start right now by calling us for a NAUI E-Learning Code.Classroom on a Saturday Morning at 10AM and Pool Swim Test at 2:45 PM Until 4 PM You Only need Mask Snorkel and swimsuit Towel for this.

Complete the NAUI online training and do all of the chapter reviews and final exam before first meeting.

Call Hollywood Divers (323-969-9666) to schedule your Practical SCUBA Training. Our Schedule is available online on our Calendar page at

A few days before class begins, come in for the included rental gear fitting. Or if you want to buy any gear for your new adventure, Hollywood Divers is a good place to start. We sell most every brand and are competitive in both price and service.

1. Get the Online E code / Student Folder CALL US TO START or Click Here (323) 969-9666
2. Course tuition fee: REMAINING Balance due upon rental pickup at Hollywood Divers Showroom.

3. Log book: Included with full Open water Diver tuition.

4. Student record folder: Included with full tuition due when you come in to sign up. Fill it out along with Medical Statement.

5. Dive Planning tables: Included, Needed to complete Homework and Review exam. Dive Planning may also be done via Dive Computer ( Not Included ) - We Highly Recommend getting a Dive Computer Instead of a Dive Watch - The Computer Acts as a Automatic Dive Table, Dive Watch, Depth Gauge, Surface Interval Timer, Ascent Rate Speedometer and Log Book. Click here to Learn More

6. Hotel $120.00 to $150.00 per night depending on your tastes and time of year. Book when youre ready. Hotel Fees not included. Hotel Stay is not required if you want to go back to LA Saturday Afternoon.
7. Catalina Express roundtrip $79.00 approx. Catalina Express Boat Fees are not included. Catalina Express fees vary Depending on fuel prices. Book the day after your pool session. We will be diving from the Easiest Shore Entry in California at our own pace. No Sea Sickness!

You will also need the following Diving Supplies. Rental Personal Gear is Included . We will fit you for this Rental of Personal Gear Along with your Rental Scuba gear. You must come in a couple of days prior to your class Start Date.


Purchase your Personal Gear: We have Student Gear Packages, whether you are taking your class here or elsewhere! Stop in and see our large selection of Aqualung, Atomic Aquatics, Scubapro, Tilos, Halcyon Dive Equipment, Henderson Wetsuits, Oceanic and Many Others.
2.Snorkel 3.Fins 4.Boots 5.Gloves 6.Hood7.Gear Bag

Hollywood Divers has Warm Water, Basic Personal Gear Discounted packages that include all the tools you need to succeed and have fun. Approx. $189.00 and up. We have Inexpensive as well as State of the Art Gear.   If you Decide to Purchase your Personal Gear at this time and are enrolled in our class, Hollywood Divers will Give you a 50$ Gift Card Toward this gear or a future Purchase.

Hollywood Divers NAUI Basic Open Water Course 323-969-9666

Completing this basic scuba course will allow you to enjoy safe scuba diving for many years.

Upon Completion, The NAUI Scuba Diver Certification will allow you to rent or buy SCUBA and dive without an Instructor or Guide. if You wish to earn the 3 Day Certification that Requires you to dive with a guide after certification please let us know. We also Provide This Certification.

Basic Scuba Open Water Courses are taught over two consecutive weekends. 

They are taught as group lessons. 

There will be 6 or less divers on your water team. 

Hollywood Divers is known for NEVER having Cattle Call type Scuba Classes. No Group on. You Deserve Better.

We will assign ample numbers of Instructors and Divemasters to each Team of Divers. Example: You may come to the classroom on the 1st day and see 10 or 12 divers in the Classroom Academic Review Session. That's not a problem.

Don't worry, we are never going to require any Instructor to teach that many divers in the water. We would assign two instructors and two divemasters to a group of this size and separate the divers into two small teams. 

This insures easier and safer learning of the skills for you and less stress for our Instructors.

To Re-Cap: We do not overload our Instructors with too many divers while in the water. Usually you will have 4 to 5 divers per team and the Instructor will have an Assistant to help move your lesson along.

The pick up of Rental or Purchase of Mask, Fins, Booties, Gloves, Snorkel and Hood (Personal Gear) should be done early in the week Prior to your start date.. We want to make certain you have this gear before the first day of class so there are no surprises and that you have time to learn appropriate material on orientation day. 

When coming by to try on personal gear / SCUBA , we recommend you spend at least 45 minutes with us at Hollywood Divers to make good decisions. Your experience will be more fun for you if you allow us to fit you properly. Check our gear selection by coming in and trying on each piece. The fit is the most important feature in each piece.

The Course Details

The first Saturday is Orientation / Academic Review.

This Classroom begins Saturday at 10 AM 2 PM at Hollywood Divers. 

You must have all of your online academic training completed before coming to this session. During this time you will be asked to fill out all of the medical and statement of understanding paperwork. Minors will be required to have a parent present at this session.

Topics, First day: Dive planning, A review exam, Gear Setup. We require a fitting and pickup of the included rental gear prior to this meeting.

The Next Morning, Sunday, is the Pool Session
We meet at 7:15 AM at a TBD City of Los Angeles sanctioned pool. All safety equipment and lifeguards are in place. You will be training until 1PM

 The pool training modules contain continued practice in gear assembly, and the required skills to get you ready for the Ocean. 

See this Video to Learn More about our Pool Session Practice. Take note of the No Mask / Nose Exhale Procedure seen in the video below.This is part of your required homework practice.

We will have you in the water by 8am Sunday and you will train until 12:45pm. You will be Debriefed and free to go by 1:30pm.

The week between Classroom / Pool and your Ocean Diving, Hollywood Divers will be able to answer your questions and help with any gear issues that arise. You will keep our Rental gear until the Monday or Tuesday after your certification day.

If you are a Referral OW scuba diver student, you will return your gear after the pool and have your Referral, Log book papers signed so that you may finish the ocean training on your vacation.

Ocean Weekend
The next weekend after your pool training, take either a Friday afternoon or the Saturday (6:15am) Catalina Express or Helicopter to Avalon California. 

You will be on Catalina Island for the Weekend. 

Your Boat Fees will be paid directly to the Catalina Express. Expect $75 roundtrip.

Open water dives are completed at the famed Catalina Casino Point Underwater Park at Avalon. 

A protected area, free from boat traffic and with its own air fill station. We start diving at 8am each morning so be on the earliest Catalina Express Departure if arriving Saturday or Sunday Morning

Hollywood Divers NAUI Basic Open Water Course 323-969-9666

Hotel stays at the Seaport Village Inn or any other Avalon Hotel or Campground that you desire. Your Hotel stay is not included in the price of our tuition / training fees. Please visit for availability to determine which hotel is best for your budget

Sat: at Casino Point, Scuba dives 1 & 2 (maybe 3 weather-permitting) Logbook entries with Instructor. After diving, Saturday Afternoon, you are free to explore Catalina. There are lots of shops, and sights to see. Or sleep and rest to be ready for the next day.
Sun: Scuba dives 3 and 4 Logbook entries. Go Fun Diving if you so desire. You have the rental gear until Tuesday with no penalty. Stay an extra day and dive Monday if you want. Please rinse all Rental Gear in fresh water before you return it.
Book a 3:45 pm or later, boat departure to Long Beach. If you choose 3:45 pm you may need to change if weather delays diving or if you want to do any fun dives there may not be time to make the boat.

Monday or Tuesday after you complete your course: Return rental gear to Hollywood Divers washed and clean. We take your Picture in our Shop and register you online and you can receive a copy of your Certification that day.



Saturday, 10 am - 2 pm at Hollywood Divers located at 3575 Cahuenga Blvd West #104 ( large Grey building across from Universal Nissan)
2 tenths of a mile from Universal Studios Blvd.,
a short walk from the Universal Metro Subway Stop. Parking is in the secure parking garage ( two hours free ) or on the Street in Front of the Store. ( Metered Parking )

Pool Training

Sun 7:15am- 1:30pm at Cleveland High Indoor Pool. We set up our gear in the Parking Lot and then Enter the Pool, Don our Wetsuits and go into the Shallow Water with all Scuba Equipment. Make sure you prepare for the session by reading the Diver Checklist.


Ocean weekend
Saturday and Sunday 8am to 3pm Catalina Casino Point Underwater Park.

For those that need additional help or did not complete dives due to minor issues and are OK to take a Friday off, ask us about DITCH DAY! Hollywood Divers invented Ditch Day for divers to skip work and go diving. Good for the soul! We do this Dive Trip Once Per Month.

Your personal equipment (Mask, Fins, Snorkel, Boots, Gloves and Hood) should be high quality gear designed for scuba diving. Sorry, no pool toys. We require you to bring in any personal gear that you already own prior to class so that we can ensure you dont get bogged down with gear failure.

Of course, if you own gear, and your gear fits and is safe, we will allow you to use it and we all stay on schedule. Hollywood Divers staff can help to assure a proper and comfortable fit of all scuba equipment. We want you to understand how gear is supposed to fit and function. It is imperative to you having fun.

Required materials are as follows:

SCUBA Online Training code, all online Homework is to be completed before the first day of class, (call 323 969 9666) and Optional Personal Gear.  Approx $189.00 - $400.00

One last Note, To SCUBA dive properly and safely, do not wait until the last minute to finish your homework, Prepare early with gear and studies and you will not feel stress in the water. Ask questions, we are here to keep you safe and happy, so please ask.

About Us: Hollywood Divers staff are all certified scuba instructors with many of us processing multiple Instructor Certifications from the following agencies: NAUI, PADI, SDI, TDI, GUE and Divers Alert Network. We have been diving for a living for many years and have a solid reputation for customer service and being able to adapt if the unexpected occurs. We practice ethical business and have a solid policy for most situations that may arise. (changes to schedule, weather, cancellations, etc.) 

We Encourage  you to Practice skills As Much as Possible, Go swimming, Running, Cycling to Prepare. We have included Videos on this Page to Help You understand the Mechanics of Scuba. Please Watch them and Ask questions as needed. 



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