Atomic BC Inflator

Atomic Aquatics

  • $174.95

Power Inflator - Atomic Aquatics SKU: 14-020x-3P

Atomic Aquatics has the first high-performance BCD power inflators made from all-Titanium or Stainless Steel metals. The Ai Power Inflator series is designed to be a perfect complement to the Atomic Aquatics line of high-performance regulators. Atomic Ai Power Inflators are available in two models: Titanium and Stainless Steel. The series is engineered to be the best power inflators in the world, using proven, corrosion-resistant materials. The Ai Power Inflators are designed to be the most diver-friendly BCD inflators on the market, employing signature Atomic Aquatics style and materials. LP Supply Hose is included / Corrugated Hose not included

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