sure lock weight pocket for aqualung

Aqualung BCD Weight Pocket Replacement


  • $27.95

Sure Lock Pockets can be bought individually here at Hollywood Divers. 
 These are the latest pockets available as of 2017 fits most Aqualung BCD's.

SureLock II replacement weight pockets are offered in 3 sizes. 

You must select the model that matches the original SureLock II pockets that came with your BC.

 If you are unsure. Please email

Weight Capacities are Recommended and you may need to supplement by adding trim pockets to your BCD Tank strap and or wearing a weight belt with quick release. 

Do not over fill the weight pockets or exceed the weight / lift capacity of the BCD you are wearing. Factor in Tank Material, Manufacturer, and weight of other equipment you may be carrying during your dive. 

Get training in proper buoyancy and in a pool before going ocean diving. 

Use as suggested by manufacturer. 

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